Taco Bell Ran Out Of Ingredients Because Americans Ate So Many Mexican Pizzas

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Customers' insatiable appetite for Mexican pizzas at Taco Bell has temporarily removed the popular item from the menu, just a short time after being brought back to the menu by popular demand.

While you might not be able to go to your local Taco Bell and get a Mexican pizza right now, the chain is reassuring customers that the item will return to stores soon.

What's a Mexican pizza?

A Taco Bell location
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An original Taco Bell creation, it represents a cursed union between Mexican and Italian cuisine. It consists of ground beef and refried beans in between two tostadas, then covered in diced tomatoes, cheese, and spicy sauce.

Taco Bell recently re-introduced the Mexican pizza.

A Taco Bell Mexican pizza
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The side dish was first introduced all the way back in 1985. In 2020, it was taken off the menu. But following an outcry, it returned to menus nationwide on May 19, 2022.

It's a popular item.

A change.org petition to bring back Taco Bell's Mexican pizza
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When it was taken off the menu in 2020, it was part of an effort to streamline restaurant workflow. But it was always popular. Shortly after its removal, a petition to bring it back on change.org garnered an impressive 200,000 signatures.

...aaaand they're gone.

About a week and a half after the re-introduction of Mexican pizzas to Taco Bell menus, the item quickly sold out. It appears that, even after the petition and the outcry, the restaurant still underestimated just how much people love Mexican pizza.

The demand was seven times what Taco Bell had expected.

In a tweet acknowledging the shortage, Taco Bell noted that the demand for Mexican pizzas was seven times what they'd anticipated. Those crispy tostadas take time to manufacture, so the item is off the menu for now. But the tweet promises that "it's here to stay" (y'know, once it actually comes back).

Other customers brought up some of their favorite bygone menu items.

It turns out Taco Bell is an absolute treasure trove of forgotten menu items that fell by the wayside. Replies to Taco Bell's tweet called for the return of salsa verde, nacho fries, and something called the Bell Burger.

For now, it's a tense wait.

Based on the petition, over 200,000 hungry Americans wanted to eat Mexican pizzas once again. Those who didn't get one during the glorious ten days (or so) it was in-stock will be left waiting until the next restock.

Have you ever had a Mexican pizza?

A Taco Bell Mexican pizza
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I consider myself a fast food connoisseur, but I've actually never had one of these...things. Should I? Is it as magical as the change.org petition indicates? Let us know your thoughts in the comments, and tell us about bygone menu items you'd like to see brought back.