People Share The TV Shows They'd Most Love To Bring Back For Just One More Season

Ashley Hunte
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We've all felt the sting of having our favorite shows canceled right before it could get the conclusions they deserved. It's only, like, slightly better than a final season of a good show that just isn't satisfying.

Redditors were asked, "If you had the power to revive one TV show for a final season, which would it be, and why?" And of course, a lot of people had a lot to say.

"Pushing Daisies."

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Another commenter added, "Pushing Daisies was my first thought, such a perfect show that can be appreciated at any age. I fell in love with it in 5th Grade when it originally aired and re-watched it recently and love it just as much."

"Heroes because they quit in the middle of a story ark and it was a great series that deserved a proper ending."

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Surprisingly, a user actually disagreed with this one: "Funny, I tend to wish the opposite. I wish they'd ended it after the first season. The rest were all junk after the writer's strike."

I guess some things are better left alone...

"My Name is Earl."

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"Canceled on a cliffhanger, plus I just want more. I watch the series once a year since it got canceled. Still amazing."

I totally forgot that My Name is Earl existed, but now that I'm thinking about it, it really does need to come back.

"Last Man on Earth."

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Another user agreed with this, saying, "it’s also frustrating because they only needed one more! I recently watched all of it and was so surprised how good it was - although also it was frequently very weird to be watching it from the other side of an actual pandemic..."

"Santa Clarita Diet. It hasn't been cancelled that long so it wouldn't feel too weird, but we could get a conclusion to the story."

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"I wish. It really could have just one more season and I would have been so satisfied, ended on a big cliffhanger and cancelled," a second user said.

But when does Netflix ever listen to viewers and not cancel shows people like?


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You know you're on the internet when somebody brings up Firefly, because why not.

One Redditor added, "Agreed, but it's probably too late as live action. Maybe animated with all of the original actors voicing - except Ron RIP."

"Brisco County, Jr.."

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"It was a crying shame it was cancelled after just one season, and the plan I heard for the second season sounded worth watching. (Brisco and Dixie getting together, Brisco trading bounty hunting in for becoming a sheriff)."

"Stargate Universe!"

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"Which was cancelled although it was quite good. At least I liked it, and watching Stargate again would be quite a nostalgic fun."

"This is my answer, too," said another user. "SGU was awesome, and I need to know what happens with that cliffhanger ending we got…"

"I Am Not Okay With This."

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"It got one season on Netflix and then they cancelled it, as they do. The biggest issue I have with this is that it left off on a massive cliffhanger. Not to mention it’s the first main character I have ever related to on such a deep and personal level."

"Gravity falls, honestly the ending was pretty good but I want to know if they go back every summer or sm."

The main characters of Gravity Falls. One is playing video games on a handheld device while the other is tightly holding onto a cat.

Gravity Falls was a show that had a proper arc and ending, but it also left a lot of fans wanting more of that universe.

"Person of Interest."

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"To find out how Harold and the team copes with what happened. Does the A.I. get revenge on those that tried to kill it because they killed 'her' friends??"

Though, with five seasons, it at least seemed to have a good run.

"GLOW, to finish what they started."

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Another user clarified why the series ended the way it did: "It only needed one more season, and they planned for it, but shut it down completely because of Covid with no effort to reschedule it."

"Avatar the Last Airbender."

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"I know the story continues in the comics, but I would have loved to see it animated. Zuko finding out what happened to his mother, trying to build good relations with the other nations, Katara and Aang’s relationship developing, Sokka and Suki, and Iroh running his tea shop."


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"It was such a good show, but it wasn’t right for prime time TV when it aired and that got it canceled. If it were to air today on any major streaming service, it would’ve survived through many more seasons, imo."


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"I really wanna see what happens with Jake after going to Texas and how the government will be put together and all that. Such an interesting topic yet no one explores it that I know of," one user said.

"Community, but just a movie is fine."

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Well, Community already got its six seasons. But six seasons and a movie would feel like the ideal way to wrap up the series. There are always whisperings of the fabled Community movie, though.

"Gilmore girls!!!"

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"At least even just one more year in the life so we can find out who's the father of Rory’s baby."

I mean, is there really such thing as too much Gilmore Girls? Hopefully not.

"The OA."

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One user commented, "This needs a wrap up season. The cancellation came out of nowhere."

"The ending of season two left so much promise for the next season. This is the only series I have genuine frustration that it didn't continue," said another user.

"Mindhunter. That was a great show! So bummed."

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Another user chose the same show, saying, "The series beautifully portrayed the minds of serial killers, their urge and pleasure they feel when they commit crimes. It's an eye opening show if anyone has interest in detective/crime genre."

"Game of Thrones season 8 remake."

Cersei from Game of Thrones saying, "when you play the game of thrones..."

Actually, a lot of users commented how they would've loved either a remake of the last season, or one of the last two seasons. Given how poorly rated Season 8 was, I can't say I'm surprised.