19 'Old-Fashioned' Activities & Beliefs People Still Enjoy

Sarah Kester
Angela from The Office looking uptight
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Life keeps getting more different.

We text people instead of sending letters to communicate, we can order an Uber to drive us around instead of hailing a cab, and so much more.

While the majority of people have welcomed these changes with open arms, there are some who long for the good ole days.

A viral Reddit post had people sharing the conventionally "old-fashioned" things they're missing and the modern-day changes they could live without.

They don't text their significant other

Woman texting
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Despite having a cellphone, one woman shared that she and her partner don't text or call each other while he's at work.

They like to savor the joy of hearing about each other's day when they're together. This is unexpectedly sweet!

They don't believe in hookup culture

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"I don’t believe in hookup culture, but respect anyone who partakes and kudos to them and managing to not catch feelings. I may be very naive but I want to find myself a love that lasts a lifetime." - u/EevieeOso

They want their male partner to be strong and be able to physically protect them

Man holding a woman
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A woman can still be a strong feminist and still want a strong man's arms around her.

One woman shared that she doesn't want to be the stronger or faster person in her relationship.

They cook the majority of food in their household

Mrs. Doubtfire cooking
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"I do most of the cooking and cleaning, I bring my husband his drinks and I also make his lunch every morning, even if I do not need to be up. We both work but I feel men do deserve to be spoiled and cared for as much as women want to." - u/bellexmorte

They prefer to write things out with a pen

Using a pen to write
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Thanks to modern technology, it feels like there's seldom an opportunity to do this anymore. Instead of notebooks, we have the notes app on our phones. And instead of writing letters to friends, we have text.

They dress modestly

Angela on The Office
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Angela from The Office was great at this!

"I’ve become more conservative with my clothing since my relationship started. Idk, just something about the thought of saving my “goods” for only my SO to see sits right with me." - u/BrockSampsonOSI

Their husband takes out the trash

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Taking out the trash? Pfft. No thanks! One woman shared that she's perfectly fine with men taking on the quote on quote "masculine" chores, like taking out the trash, mowing the lawn, and killing bugs.

They believe that you shouldn't move in with someone until you are truly committed

Couple sitting on couch
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"I just don't understand the purpose of moving in with someone just because you're currently dating them. It's like forcing a relationship, especially when you move in together quickly." - u/Rich_Group_8997

They believe that men should be the main breadwinner

Rihanna asking for money
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While the workforce has made many great strides in favor of women, including pay equality, some believe that men should still foot the bills.

One woman even wrote that she finds it unattractive and repulsive when men expect women to go 50/50.

They love to prepare dinner for their husband when he gets home from work

Food on table
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"I mean, it's not some 1950's level [expletive] I'm in pajamas, no bra, and it's probably 50/50 whether or not I brushed my hair all day. But there will be a hot dinner." - u/Alert-Potato

They believe you shouldn't bring kids into the world until you're truly committed to someone

Fiona in Shameless holding a baby with Debbie

One woman has a few stipulations before kids are even thought of. One, don't have kids until you're married and 2, if you're not married, at least live and share finances with that person for a while.

This is so you can be as sure as you possibly can that it's going to work out.

They believe that kids/teenagers really need to apply themselves more

Teenagers walking down street
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"I have a lot of, 'kids these days...' and an old person ‘get off my lawn’ thoughts. Sometimes when I’m working with kids, I’m just feeling like.. ‘you just need to get off your phone and social media’ or ‘you’d benefit from being a little uncomfortable to get used to things.’" - u/Kind-Set9376

They want chivalry

Noah from The Notebook
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A lot of women don't care how anti-feminist this is. They want a proper gentleman. The kind who opens doors and brings them flowers when they're sad. Plus, chivalry isn't even anti-feminist. It's all about treating women as equals and with respect.

They don't like playing the field

Couple on date
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"This wasn't a secret, but when I was single I didn't date more than one person at a time, even in the very early stages of dating. I don't ascribe any kind of immorality to dating multiple people; it's just not my thing." - u/deleted

They like reading a physical book

Rory Gilmore reading
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E-readers may be convenient and store thousands of books, but nothing beats an actual physical book.

It feels great to cozy up on the couch with and that "old book smell" can't be rivaled.

They believe that dressing scantily isn't actually empowering

Kim Kardashian taking selfie
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Agree or disagree?

"I support a woman's right to dress as she pleases without harassment or judgment, but we need to stop pretending that presenting this way is a feminist statement." - u/verytiredverymerry

They believe that men should pursue and make the initial effort

Man and women holding hands
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It doesn't matter that some women find it liberating to open their own doors and split the check at dinner. Others want the man to muster up the courage to talk to them at a bar and make the first move.

They believe that being a housewife is a good job

Housewife on scooter-mop invention
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"I just absolutely love being able to dedicate my energy to being a good wife and mother. I have zero career ambition whatsoever. I am educated, but a job is simply not what makes me feel fulfilled." -u.zazollo

They like writing letters

Writing a letter
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"Through our entire relationship my partner an I write each other letters, love letters or just notes for each other. It's so heartwarming to have that physical piece of paper or card. I like writing letters to my friends too, it just feels so intimate and loving." - u/spamsalsa

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