Toddler Melts Hearts Everywhere With Sweet Reaction To Mom's Wedding Dress

Kasia Mikolajczak
Little boy at wedding.
instagram | @k2_0111

One of the most memorable moments at anyone's wedding is when the bride walks down the aisle. It's usually the first time most people see her in her wedding dress, and it's bound to bring tears to many people's eyes.

But it's at this moment one bride's toddler reaction pretty much stole everyone's heart. You have to see it to know exactly what I mean. So check it out.

Kristie Mihelich recently got married.

phone with Instagram screen visible
Unsplash | Solen Feyissa

Undoubtedly, it was a wonderful affair. But it's her toddler son who's getting all the attention after she posted the sweetest video on Instagram. You see, it all took place when Kristie was walking down the aisle.

In the video you see Kristie's groom waiting at the altar with their two-year-old toddler.

Instagram video of boy running down the aisle to see his mom who's the bride
instagram | @k2_0111

Once the child sees his mom walking down the aisle, you can see his face light up with awe. He stands still for a brief moment, and then he enthusiastically yells out, "Hi, mom."

What happens is the cutest thing I've ever seen.

Bride holding bouquet of flowers.
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The child starts waving at his mom, and then he takes off running. You can hear people laughing in the background and cheering him on. The only way you can really get the picture of this sweet moment is by watching the video online.

Oh my goodness, what did I tell you?

Kristen Bell feeling touched by something sweet

Isn't this the sweetest wedding moment or what? At least that's what the mom said on her Instagram. She captioned the video by saying "THE SWEETEST MOMENT OF MY LIFE!!!" Aww! I wish I was there to see it in person.

I bet there was no dry eye in the room.

Instagram video of bride walking down the aisle with her dad and her 2 year-old
instagram | Instagram | @k2_0111

You can even see the groom tearing up. And, judging by the comments the video got everybody loved it just as much. People started commenting in droves and they said the loveliest of things to the bride.

The video has been picked up by many media outlets.

woman putting her hand on her chest feeling touched
Giphy | HBO Max

It basically went viral overnight. And millions of people have agreed on one thing — it's pretty much the sweetest thing.

"The pure innocence and joy in your son’s face as he saw you, then ran to you, is wonderful. I’m so happy you experienced that,” one comment read.

And there were plenty of other reactions.

tables dressed up for a wedding
Unsplash | Photos by Lanty

Here are a few of my favorite ones:

"The gasp when your son sees you and then that genuine, loving reaction by your groom as he watches your son are priceless. What a beautiful way to begin your marriage! The three of you have hit the jackpot."


Or this one!

gold wedding rings
Unsplash | Sandy Millar

"That made me cry! So sweet and you look beautiful! Congratulations, darling what a great moment in time, your little man walking you down the aisle, amazing."

"Sending this to everyone I know. This is beyond adorable and I’m so happy for you!!!"

Ha, ha!

I can't get over this one.

woman gushing saying "Oh my gosh. That is so sweet."
Giphy | CBC

It's moments like these that make weddings so special. You never know who is going to have the best reaction. It could be the bride or the groom or the parents. But in this case, this little boy did everyone in, hee-hee. Something tells me he will grow up to be a wonderful man. What do you think?