I Just Found Out We've Been Peeling Oranges Wrong

Lex Gabrielle
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Getting your daily dose of fruit is super important for your overall health. Fruit has a ton of vitamins and minerals that help us lead a healthy life and can even boost our immune system.

However, there are people who are lazy and don't want to wash and peel their fruit. While sometimes fruit can be tedious, there are ways to make it that much easier for you and even your kids.

Social media is the best place to learn tons of hacks for our homes.

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Thanks to Instagram and TikTok, parents and homemakers alike have been able to share their tips and tricks with us to make all of our lives easier. From cleaning to cooking, we love a way to make our lives easier.

One Instagram mom, At Home With Shannon, loves sharing videos with follows.

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Shannon, who is a wife and mom of four, shares tons of videos online with her 188k followers on Instagram. From cleaning to storage to cooking, Shannon is always sharing clever ways to make life easier.

Recently, her latest video to go viral has to do with peeling oranges.

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Oranges can be a true hassle to open and peel when we want to eat them. We're constantly digging out nails into the oranges and trying to get them to simply just give a little so we can start to battle with the skin.

It can be truly painful.

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Trying to peel oranges this way can be painful, especially if we have cuts on our fingers or our cuticles. The acid from the orange totally stings and burns as it gets into our skin.

Not to mention, germs.

blue and green germs and bacteria
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When we dig our fingers into fruit, we can also spread germs and bacteria. Unless everything is thoroughly washed, we don't want to be getting all of the dirt under our nails into our oranges before we eat them.

Shannon says there is a much easier way to get them open.

Mom on Instagram cutting oranges in half on Instagram video
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Instead of digging our fingers into the orange and trying to peel the skin, Shannon says you should cut the orange right down the middle into two halves.

Once you do that, you can flip it.

Mom recording video for Instagram flipping an orange inside out
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Cutting the orange into two, even halves means that you can flip it upside down. The skin pushes down and the orange inside pushes up. Then, you get more of the orange out.

It's so simple, we can't believe we didn't think of it.

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Honestly, this hack is easy and simple—many people (us included) were totally windblown by it. People online shared that they will 100% be eating oranges this way from now on.

Shannon has tons of hacks for home and families.

woman cutting limes in half on a blue cuttingboard
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All over her Instagram, she shares tons of hacks and tricks. Like, another video Shannon shares that can help create an all-natural way to keep mosquitos at bay when you are BBQing outside with your friends and family.

You just need some limes and cloves.

woman placing cloves inside of limes in a smiley face pattern
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Slicing up some limes in half, it'll be a way to keep the bugs away. But, you then put cloves into the lime itself. You can even make designs, like a smiley face, to make it look cute. It'll keep mosquitos totally gone from your table.

Shannon also has hacks for kids, too.

woman holding a popsicle against grass
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Every summer, when it's hot, our kids are dying for ice pops and popsicles. They beg and plead with us to give them some, and of course, we give in. But, we know they are going to make a mess.

Popsicles drip all over their clothes.

mom posing with daughter eating a popsicle with plastic lid to protect from dripping
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In the hot summer sun, the popsicles drip down our kid's shirts and onto their clothing. So, you can take one of the plastic tops from your soda or coffee and place it on the bottom of the popsicle—pushing the stick through the straw hole. It'll catch all the drippings!

Shannon also has ways to reuse things without throwing them away.

Mom reusing parmesan cheese bottle on Instagram video
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For example, who loves parmesan cheese? My daughter calls it "sprinkle cheese" and we go through a ton of it in our house. But, when we finish, we usually throw the containers away.

Shannon says to save the tops.

Mom using parmesan cheese top on mason jar for drink cover in video
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Instead of throwing away the entire container, you can wash them and reuse them for tons of things. Shannon uses the tops for mason jars so that her kids can have special drinks and a place to hold their straws.

This mom has tons of hacks to share.

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From storage to cleaning to cooking, Shannon shows that you can still have four kids and make everything work—flawlessly. Follow her on Instagram to see more of her brilliant tips and tricks.