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TikToker Who Only Showers Once A Week Says Her Hubby Is Cool With It

Hygiene routines can vary wildly, with some of us having a daily cleanliness ritual, while others only hit the shower after their t-shirt fails to pass the smell test. It's a personal thing — hence the term, "personal hygiene."

Things can be taken to extremes, though — like a TikToker who's gone viral for saying she only showers once a week.

How often do you shower?

A shower
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Plenty of people shower once, or even twice, a day. This can use up a lot of water and it isn't strictly necessary to shower ever single day, so others might bathe on alternating days.

Meet Reina.

TikToker @reindrrop
TikTok | @reindrrop

Reina, who you can find on TikTok @reindrrop, has an extensive social media presence. For the past couple of weeks, most of her posts have dealt with one topic: the fact that she only showers once a week.

Once a week? Seriously?

Once a week, so she claims.

For lots of us, one of the incentives of showering is the idea that it'll make romantic partners want to get close to us. On this note, Reina says her husband doesn't mind her showering routine at all.

She's really doubling down on it.

Spurred on by shocked and horrified commenters, Reina has gone all-in on discussing hygiene. She does brush her teeth more than once a week, but did open the floor to a discussion on when one should wet their toothbrush.

She does have a hygiene routine, for what it's worth.

Here, Reina shows her typical hygiene routine for the six days a week, or 312 days a year, that she doesn't bathe. It involves toothbrushing, face-washing, and retainer stuff, but (of course) not showering.

She isn't afraid to engage with her critics.

Here, Reina opens up more philosophical debates, this time about whether people actually like showering at all.

I mean, sometimes it's just a necessity to get through, but a hot shower can feel pretty nice.

Her shower stuff has hit the big time.

Reina isn't unaware of the hundreds of thousands of views her TikToks are getting. When she appeared in the pages of the New York Post — for not showering, let me remind you — she celebrated the occasion.

She's getting some serious judgment.

Reina doesn't deserve all of the scorn she's getting, but she has put herself out there on a public platform. This means that some people are going to chime in on the fact that she rarely showers.

What do you think?

TikToker @reindrrop
TikTok | @reindrrop

Are you the kind of person who showers every morning, or do you procrastinate? Could you ever do what Reina does? Be sure to share your thoughts on this story in the comments section.

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