Someone playing a video game on their computer with a headset on.
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Teen Saved By Gamer Friend 5000 Miles Away After Suffering A Seizure

To some, the thought of having a friend who lives in a different country is unfathomable, but to others, it's extremely normal. With the internet becoming an ever-increasing presence in the lives of younger generations, it's no surprise that many are finding friendships abroad.

There are even times when that friendship can become invaluable, like in the case of a boy whose life was saved by a long-distance friend.

A teenage boy had his life saved by a friend across the globe.

Someone playing video games on a pc with a headset on.
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Aiden Jackson of Cheshire, England, was playing video games online when he began suffering a seizure. His mother was home but downstairs, so she had no idea what was happening. The only person who knew that something was wrong was Raven, a friend he'd been playing with who lived in Texas.

Once Raven understood what was going on, she jumped into action.

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She looked up who the proper authorities to call would be after she heard Aiden gasping over his microphone. She made the call and within 40 minutes, police arrived at his home, much to the shock of his mother who was completely unaware.

Aiden made a full recovery thanks to Raven.

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His health was assured and he's since been engaging in honorable volunteer work, and fundraising to provide defibrillators to his local community.

That fateful day was two years ago now, and Aiden got to meet Raven on an American talk show when the story first made the rounds.

"It's surreal looking back on it now," he said.

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He reminisced on the event to the Liverpool ECHO, saying, "It was such a sudden experience and within a month of it happening I'd been flown out to New York to meet the friend who saved me. It was a really emotional experience when I met Raven."

He remembers it fondly.

Someone playing a video game on their computer with a headset on.
Unsplash | Sean Do

"It was such a big moment in my life, meeting these people I'd known for years online, and finally getting to meet them because of something like that. [...] Very emotional. It really helped me appreciate everything. I guess that's just how it is with experiences like that."

h/t: Daily Star