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People Share The Most Attractive Things A Man Can Do For A Woman

When most of us think of romance, we think of the big, over the top moments in movies that finally get the main couple together. But a romantic gesture doesn't have to be big.

In fact, it's the small but meaningful gestures that women notice the most. That's why it was so easy for the people of Reddit to answer: "What's the most attractive thing a guy can do for a girl?"

"My gf says just keeping her in mind when doing things, no matter how small."

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Another commenter added, "Picking her up a candy something whenever I go to the store was literally in my vows, and that's the part I take the most seriously."

"I think my wife married me because I cooked a nice breakfast for her."

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One commenter wrote, "The quickest way to a woman's heart is through her stomach. Or anyone's heart really."

I don't think truer words have ever been spoken.

"Clean the shower and wait until she discovers."

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There's nothing better than coming home after a long day only to find something you'd been meaning to clean has already been done! Needless to say, I wholeheartedly second this one.

"My favourite thing is when he listens and remembers the little details."

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I think this goes hand in hand with thinking of her whenever you do something. Just remembering the things your partner likes or dislikes, and taking that to heart.

"One of my guy friends came over when I was sick once."

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"He cooked me my favourite soup from scratch, cleaned my entire kitchen and then went home. He’s my boyfriend now."

That is... such a cute story. I literally can't even.

"Write love letters. Or just letters. My husband (of ten years) just started doing this recently, I cannot begin to tell you how much it means to me."

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I'm sure that if you really love someone, you'll always have beautiful words to write to them.

"Anything you are passionate about. Nothing more attractive than someone truly doing what they love."

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"Unless your hobby is pulling legs off flies and using them to make esoteric artwork or whatever but hey."

Okay, that took a turn...

"Make her a sandwich. Pack her a lunch and include a note hidden in it somewhere that says 'I love you.' This will make a mountain out of a man and speak volumes."

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Another commenter added some pretty sound advice to that: "Be careful if you hide the note IN the sandwich though."

"Keep trying to win her affection even after you already have it."

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"I love this," a commenter replied. "We just moved in together but we are trying to still 'date' each other. He still takes me out and I still get ready for the date!"

"Defend her honor in a sword duel."

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Definitely not a real answer, but still good enough to make me chuckle. Also, I'm pretty sure dueling with swords is illegal, so maybe that one's best left to romance novels.

"For me, show me you have an honestly good heart. I’m not talking about when it’s in front of me - I’m talking about what you do outside of the dating world."

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This user went on to talk about the kind of man she meant.

"I want a good father for my future children."

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"Someone who will actually comfort them when they’re sick or have a boo-boo, who will sit on the floor and read them their favorite book even if they’re dog tired, etc. Everyone is going to get old one day, but their hearts will always stay pure and beautiful, so that’s what I’m looking for."

"Listen when she wants to talk and talk when she wants to listen. A further point is both of these things have to be natural and not forced"

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I mean, just being a good communicator is important for any person in a relationship, not just men.

"Going out of their way to compliment me or do nice things for me, and caring about my wellbeing and encouraging me to pursue my own interests and hobbies."

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In other words, being as supportive as you can be.

"For me it's making coffee in the morning. My ex used to do this every day without fail and as he was an early riser, he'd always put a mug on my nightstand while I was still in bed."

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It's the little things...

"Respect her boundaries. All of them."

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"Men would be surprised at how rare this is, and likely - how often they don’t do it.

When a man respects my boundaries at work or socially, I instantly feel warmer to him because of how rare it is."

"Doing things for himself. Basics like cooking, cleaning, dishes, etc. But then also things/hobbies that make him happy and give him a social life independent of her."

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Definitely an underrated comment. There aren't too many people who enjoy the trope of a man who can't take care of himself.

"Men don’t realize how often women’s boundaries are walked all over. It’s damn tiring."

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"This shouldn’t be a thing (that it’s the most attractive thing a man could do), but it’s so rare that it is."

I'm nodding in agreement like crazy right now.

"I found and bought my girlfriend pants that fit her well and have pockets."

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"Like, put a wallet and a phone in one and still have room for her hands sized pockets. The past two weeks have been the most consistently happy I have ever seen her and I no longer have to reserve one of my pockets for her use."

"Make her laugh. I'm always making my girlfriend laugh and smile, it's one of the things she loves most about me. It also makes it hard for her to be mad at me."

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I mean, what's the point of looks if you don't have a personality, too?