Hilary Duff Reveals She 'Doesn't Always Like' Her Kids

Daniel Mitchell-Benoit
Duff next to her daughter Banks, Duff smiling in a grey sweater leaning against a table while Banks smiles and reaches towards the camera.
instagram | @hilaryduff

Hilary Duff's recent years have showcased her extremely family-first lifestyle, speaking very honestly about her relationship and raising her now three kids. Her stories are often heartwarming, and sometimes extremely open.

Recently, people have rediscovered an article she wrote for Refinery29 at the initial height of the pandemic wherein she shared some thoughts that were maybe a little controversial, but they also helped comfort mothers everywhere.

Hilary Duff is very honest when discussing her kids online.

She's very open about her experience as a mother, using her social media to describe her daily life with now three children. Her focus on family is heartwarming and also provides a lot of insight for mothers who look up to her.

She shares valuable insights regarding motherhood and raising kids.

She's done countless interviews and features where she talks about her marriage and her kids quite openly, not turning away from the uglier feelings others might try to ignore.

Fans recently rediscovered a Refinery29 piece she wrote in May of 2020, and are appreciating her honest takes all over again.

It was a stressful time for all being at the initial height of the pandemic.

Parents, though, definitely felt the increased pressure.

"I love my kids more than anything," she wrote. "I cannot imagine not being a parent. But I don’t always like them. I'm constantly cleaning up after them and they're both always running in two separate directions and it's absolutely exhausting. It's also the best, most rewarding thing."

She spoke about how much more work she took on.

With her kids being at home all the time, she had a lot more to juggle. Not only did she have to constantly care for baby Banks, who would have only been two years old at the time, but also a teacher to her son Luca who was in second grade.

"The patience to not explode is something else."

She notes that this is an experience unique to motherhood.

"I have a super involved husband, but there's always more pressure on the mom. My kids always just want me. They both want to play with me. They always want me to put them to bed. They always want me to make their food. The cooking and cleaning on top of all of it is insane."

And the feeling of guilt that comes along with the stress.

"Once the end of the day is nearing, and I'm not feeling friendly, more guilt sets in. Why am I getting irritated by everything that they do?"

She continues, "Sometimes I see moms who have a really big social life or who don't feel like they have to be their kids’ everything, and I’m envious. I’ve also judged them unfairly. Maybe those people have found balance more easily, or it just doesn't concern them as much, but I don't think that they should be labeled as bad moms for that."

Her post was a reminder to moms everywhere that feeling this way was, and still is, okay.

"One thing that helps me is remembering that we're going to let our kids down, and we're going to mess up, and we're going to forget things — and there are going to be days when we want to return them. All those feelings are valid and acceptable and normal. And none of them makes you a bad mom."

It was a brutally honest, very realistic look into the mind of a mother, and hearing it come from such a famous voice was likely a comfort to many!

h/t: CheatSheet