Krispy Kreme Makes Graduations Sweeter With Free Donuts For Senior Year Students

Mason Joseph Zimmer
box of a dozen Krispy Kreme next to motorboard for 2022 graduating class
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After Krispy Kreme's plan to give away free donuts to graduates in 2021 proved such a smash hit with fans, they brought it back again this year with the new Senior Day Dozen.

Although the emergence of the COVID-19 pandemic has obviously disrupted a lot for us over the past two years, one disappointment that was easy to miss in all the chaos was that high school and college students had to miss out on their graduation ceremonies.

And granted, some made the best of their unfortunate situation in seriously touching ways while some dedicated staff members tried to make their students' graduations as special as they could.

But still, it would be hard not to feel ripped off by the circumstances and that seems to be something that the people at Krispy Kreme were acutely aware of. And since they're no strangers to crafting special limited time donuts anyway, this graduation season seemed like a great time to unveil a few with a very welcome twist.

Back in 2021, Krispy Kreme cooked up an idea to give students graduating from high school and college a free dozen to make their recent stresses go down a little easier.

Krispy Kreme donuts baking on racks
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As USA Today reported, this was known as the "graduation dozen" promotion and if students showed up with a 2021 class ring, a relevant student ID, a cap and gown with that year marked, or any other graduation "swag," they'd be eligible for a free dozen.

Better yet, this dozen wasn't limited to their classic glazed donuts, but rather a special assortment to celebrate graduates.

On May 25, Krispy Kreme brought that special graduation gift back this year for one day only, which they called the Senior Day Dozen.

young woman in cap and gown holding diploma during graduation
Pexels | Pavel Danilyuk

As their chief marketing officer Dave Skema said in a statement, "With the return of graduation ceremonies and a sense of ‘normal,’ it would be easy to forget how much of these seniors’ high school or college years were turned upside down by COVID‑19. We didn’t forget, so we’re celebrating their perseverance and accomplishments!"

Just like before, students who showed up with their caps and gowns and other graduation swag received their dozen.

And if they want more, this special graduation set should be available for purchase from May 26 until May 29.

box of dozen Krispy Kreme donuts with special 2022 variants for graduating seniors
instagram | @krispykreme

The assortment you see here is what you can expect in these graduate dozens available for purchase, while the free edition featured eight glazed donuts and four special variants made for the promotion.

As for those special donuts marked with "2022," those remain the same no matter which version graduates ended up with.

box of a dozen Krispy Kreme next to motorboard for 2022 graduating class
twitter | @krispykreme

According to Krispy Kreme's statement, the first donut marked with a two is a chocolate iced donut with "kreme" filling, while the zero is an original glazed one with a little icing to accentuate its place in the year.

As for the other two, the donut with yellow icing is filled with cake batter, while the one with strawberry icing has the standard "kreme" filling.

So even if you missed out on the freebies, there's still a chance to celebrate your graduation in style!

h/t: BusinessWire