I'm So In Love With These Women Sharing Their Hot Girl Summer Plans

Lex Gabrielle
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Summer is just around the corner, which means that there is no time to waste. If you are new to social media or live under a rock, summer is the time for everyone to have a hot girl summer.

A hot girl summer is a term coined by none other than Meg Thee Stallion who shares that a girl who is confident, proud, and living her best life is indeed a "hot girl." Therefore, we all know that in order to have a hot girl summer, we have to have some hot girl plans.

Making those late-night memories.

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happysmize said she hopes her hot girl summer plans include being "super annoying" with her friends in a parking lot at 4 AM. It may seem small and silly, but those nights are the ones where you make the best memories.

Money, money, money.

woman holding money fanned out in her lap
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Big-Independent5301 shared that for her, hot girl summer means one thing and one thing only—money. Being a hot girl for her is being a financially stable girl. So, stacking up her paper is all her summer is going to entail.

Working on self-esteem.

woman posing next to a tree in a bikini looking down
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OddSock8235 said that her hot girl summer is going to be spent trying to feel comfortable wearing more "revealing" clothing and also being more outgoing. Working on being confident can be a journey and also a challenge, but always worth the shot.

Ice cream party.

vanilla ice cream in a bowl with rainbow sprinkles
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cuppa-confusion said that being inside is part of her hot girl summer. Wearing those breathable and comfortable pajamas, eating ice cream and other super cold foods. Add that with her favorite TV show and she's all set.

Be true to yourself.

woman posing in front of water
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_summersunset_ shared that this summer is the summer where she says no to things that she does not truly want to do. So often we feel pressured to say yes to everything and not "offend" anyone, but this summer, it's all about us.

Beach days.

Unsplash | Lopez Robin

diet_coke_cabal said that this is her first summer of freedom from work responsibilities, so she wants to live it up at the beach. She said that she is going to go visit a different coastal town every week to see a new beach.

A whole summer of fun.

amusement park rides
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"like getting dressed up and shaking ass in the club. I like amusement parks and actually riding the rides lol. I really enjoy hiking and scenery and just being active. I loveee spas, great for girl time. I love food and down for any festivals," shared tina-snowww.

Time to be happy.

woman happy throwing up peace signs in sunglasses
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fgsn shared that it's time to focus on her mental health. She wants to make sure that she spends the summer being 100% happy and nothing else. Happiness makes everything feel and look good—it's a feel-good summer.

Wearing a bikini all day.

Woman in the ocean wearing a bikini posing with hand in her hair
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Organic-Stand282 said that her new plan for this summer is to wear a bikini every single day, everywhere, no matter where she is going. Some people may not like it, but she doesn't care. Bikinis make her feel good.

Celebrate the good things.

woman pregnant holding her baby bump
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Crafty-Ambassador779 said she plans to buy some very flowy summer dresses and go on walks with her baby bump and her partner. Celebrating her miracle of life is something she is super excited about.

It's sundress season.

woman riding her bike wearing a sundress
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lroxy19 shared that the sun coming out means that it is sundress season. Every woman knows that sundresses are the way to go. We feel that much better-wearing sundresses because, well, they're easy.

Summer classes for a degree.

laptop backpack and notebook for school laid out on a table
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Karleekarl said that she plans to take some last-minute summer classes to finish up her bachelor's degree. Nothing says hot girl summer quite like finishing up your education and getting that diploma.

Self-care is prime.

close up of woman smiling with nice teeth
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"I recently got my teeth fixed, am getting a fresh haircut am in the best shape of my 44 years, and have found some very flattering makeup so I plan to be the hottest I have been since my 20s this summer. I will be spending a good chunk of it in a bikini," said AnotherStarShining.

Start a new path.

woman hiking up a mountain with her backpack and yoga mat
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renaissance_thot said she is going through a breakup which makes her summer plans a bit harder because they had so much planned together. But, she wants to make some new friends and go on new adventures to make the pain feel better.

Getting out of a slump.

woman working from home on her desktop computer
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LettuceWouldntFit said that she has been in a "working from home slump" due to the pandemic, but she is going to get out of that slump by making sure she takes care of herself and also exercising more.

Reading and writing.

woman reading on the couch inside
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"Reading and writing inside for the sake of my pale skin and light-sensitive blue eyes (plus heat and sunlight worsen my migraines), and then going on night walks in my village's countryside to stargaze and find inspiration," said MissInfer.

Getting in shape.

woman at the gym tying her shoes sitting on a yoga mat
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SpearmintSpaceship said this is the summer of getting "buff." She wants to get her body right to truly feel like a hot girl in the summer. Weights, cardio, basically the whole spectrum of working out.

All about that career.

woman working on her laptop at a desk
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"To focus on my career this summer and stacking skrilla! It’s my first summer completely single in a while and I want it to be all about me and creating my future! Real hot girl it girl sh*t," shared not-cheetos.

Wearing what we want.

woman posing in the street in black dress
Unsplash | Rameez Remy

thousanddollacrocs shared that she is going to really get into her closet and wear all the stuff she hasn't had the confidence to wear. Her cute tops, skirts, dresses, and everything else. She wants to feel good and look good.


soil in a gardening tool from arial view
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"Working on my hot wench summer and going to the ren faire this year finally, spending time outdoors, maintaining my container garden and using those things to cook with/put in my wine/kombucha, going to live music outside wearing a tiny crop top," shared NeonWaffle.

Taking control of your life.

woman on the beach happy and dancing
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shinsarah said she is taking control of her life this summer. She has spent many years not doing so and she wants to be sure she has a happy girl summer where she puts herself first and prioritizes her happiness above all.

Making memories.

sunglasses in the sand on the beach
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ClamHandwitch said she is concerned with just making really great memories with friends and family and making sure she doesn't pressure herself all of the time. She doesn't want to feel like her summer is "bad" if it's not living up to the hype.

Random acts of flowers.

woman holding flowers in the shape of a heart
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"What I've been calling random acts of flowers! I've been growing flowers and some herbs like basil in little containers. And I'll go on long walks with my dog and look for townhouses/first-floor apartments where people are trying to grow plants and leave a plant anonymously," said impossibleplaces.

Being pregnant and loving it.

woman holding baby bump in a crop top
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"My third trimester is from June-August so I'm going to be hot no matter what LOL And I'm going to spend as much of it cosplaying a beached whale in the pool or in lakes. No one can stop me," said RAND0M-HER0.