TikToker Says She Had To Turn Down Dream College As Student Aid Won't Even Cover Her Dorm

TikToker discusses college costs
TikTok | @ dreaaaloveee_

The price of a college education in the United States has skyrocketed over the past few decades. What was once eminently affordable has turned into a five- or six-figure investment that can be difficult, if not impossible, to pay off. While a post-secondary education is still viewed as key to unlocking the best employment opportunities, even getting a foot in that door is a challenge.

One TikToker shared her story of college fee woes.

TikToker @dreaaaloveee_ detailed the situation.

College graduation
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The original video is no longer available, but in it, @dreaaaloveee_ outlined some of the financial difficulties faced by her sister. In the original video, you can see her sister crying over the frustrating situation.

Her sister couldn't afford to go to her dream school.

Chico State University
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She wanted to go to Chico State, but was unable to because Federal Student Aid, or FAFSA, didn't even provide enough money to cover the costs of staying in a dorm.

Does she have other options?

Student carrying books
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Many commenters pointed out that there are other avenues worth pursuing, including scholarships, living off-campus or even calling the registrar and explaining the situation. In a follow-up video, @dreaaaloveee_ said that she appreciated the suggestions and would take them under advisement.

College tuition really has gotten out of hand.

Stack of $100 bills
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The average tuition cost to go to a private university in the United States now sits at nearly $40,000 a year. In-state public institutions cost a little over $10,000 while public out-of-state institutions cost around $23,000.

Things don't have to be this way.

Graph detailing ballooning college costs
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Other countries have cheaper higher education. Even in the United States, things used to be different. Between 1970 and 2020, the average in-state tuition and fees at a public university increased by a jaw-dropping 2,580%.

Are there any options for @dreaaaloveee_’s sister?

There may be. @dreaaaloveee_ indicated that she would consider appealing the cost of school and seeing if there was any way her sister could go to school without bankrupting the family. It's worth following her TikTok account for any follow-up details.

How did you afford college?

TikToker discusses college costs
TikTok | @ dreaaaloveee_

For those of us who don't have tens of thousands of surplus dollars lying around, college can be an expensive proposition. If you went to college, how did you afford it? How much did it cost? Be sure to share your stories in the comments.