Bridesmaid Calls Out How Ridiculously Expensive It Is To Be In A Wedding Party

Kasia Mikolajczak
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It's such an honor when you're a part of somebody's wedding party. That's how I feel. However, having said that, there shouldn't be any surprises when it comes to the cost involved in this. Am I right?

Well, it seems that some brides have forgotten that, and bridesmaids are now on the hook for much more than they bargained for — aha! At least that was the case with this one bridesmaid who voiced her concern on TikTok.

Check this out.

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A woman named Erin, who goes by the name, @moneytomiles on TikTok, recently went viral with her video. In it, she talks about being a bridesmaid for the first time (except for her sister's wedding) and the cost associated with that.

Get this:

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She was invited to go on a so-called bachelorette vacation. No, not a bachelorette party — an actual four-day vacation. Cool, right? Wrong! Here's where things get a little weird with this story. It's the cost that's the problem.

Not only did she have to pay for her flight and hotel room but there was more.

So after shelling out $400 for a flight and then $240 a person for an Airbnb, she was hit with more costs. The MOH surprised her in a group e-mail, which included all the other bridesmaids (excluding the bride), telling them all that they were responsible for paying the bride's portion of her flight and hotel room.

I mean, what?

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I would have been like, "Hell, no!" So Erin posted on TikTok, asking people if this was normal. After all, besides being at her sister's wedding, this was the first time she got invited to be someone's bridesmaid. And, boy, did people have a lot to say.

Most people were shocked.

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TikTok | @moneytomiles

I love the response above. When you decide to get married, you need to sit down with your fiancé and work out all the costs. If you can't afford certain things, just nix them. Don't expect other people to pay for it.

Do you agree with that?

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It sounds like most people agreed here. It's one thing to help the bride pay for some of the expenses like someone suggested above: food and drinks, but it's quite another to have to foot the bill for her flight and accommodations.

This isn't even the wedding or a bachelorette party - it sounds like a free vacation.

woman saying "hell to the no."

I don't know if the bride thought of this idea or was it the Maid of Honor. Either way, just because you're getting married doesn't mean you get a free vacation out of it. I wish, hee-hee. Who's going to sponsor me? LOL!

I really don't think the bridesmaids should be on the hook for that.

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For example, this one bride wanted a really nice place for her Airbnb, so she covered a large portion of it to keep costs reasonable for everyone. That's how you do it. I think it's a classy move on her part.

What do you think of this?

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If you were the bridesmaid in this bridal party, how would you handle this situation? That's a tough one. This lady already paid for the Airbnb and put the whole amount on her credit card. The bride paid for her portion, but the MOH wants everybody to pay for it instead.

So this lady is in a bit of a pickle. Isn't she? I suggest she has a heart-to-heart with the MOH and stand her ground. The MOH can pay for the bride if she's so adamant, no?