Woman Called Out Businesses Who Pay People Less Than They're Worth

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Many businesses and companies operate in a very specific way. For many companies, there is a set pay scale and paytable that employees will receive. Different industries have different salary caps and bases, and some are available online for public knowledge and consumption.

However, there are many industries that keep their pay brackets more private than others. This can be due to the fact that some businesses underpay their staff.

There is a very specific route people go through when they are looking for a job.

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Potential employees usually go through job markets online to look for openings in the industry or field of their desire. They will then read the job listing and what is expected of them, to see if they would be a good fit for the company.

If they feel they are, they apply.

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After submitting a resume and oftentimes a cover letter, potential employees and candidates can apply through job portals online, hoping to gain an interview. Sometimes, job candidates can see specifics about the company online before interviewing.

However, salary and compensation are not always listed.

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There are jobs that do put the pay scale and what benefits an employee will receive on their job listings. Many companies in today's day and age do include this as an incentive to get people to apply.

When they do not, it can be a red flag.

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When the company does not list the salary, it is a question that many job candidates want answers to. Usually, it is a question that people will ask during the interview process if they did land an interview.

But, many believe salaries should always be something that potential employees are made away of.

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A recent video on TikTok that has now gone viral is shedding light on the toxicity of some industries and businesses in terms of payments and salaries. The video was posted by TikTok user Maysun Valles who went on a rant after going on a job interview.

Maysun shared that when she applied for the job, she should have noticed the red flag.

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"Listen. I need these companies and these hiring managers to grow up and get a grip on reality. OK? I applied for a job where they didn't list the pay. That was my fault. That was my bad. I should know, red flag," she says in her video.

As it turns out, not a lot of jobs post their salaries on listings.

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According to research by ZipRecruiter, only 12% of job listings posted have their salaries listed and included with the job. And, these are just salary ranges and not definitive numbers.

As others would, Maysun said that during the interview, she asked about pay.

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"I get to the end of the interview, and he tells me the pay. It's low. It's low. We know this; we shoulda know this. And so he asks me how I'm feeling, and I'm like, 'Frankly, the pay is low, and I can't work for that. I gotta be honest.' And I brought up that the pay wasn't listed on the job listing," she continued.

Apparently, the hiring manager's response was that the job was "not just about money."

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The hiring manager shared with Maysun that they were not looking for employees who was "just money." Despite the fact that a job is had for employees to make a salary and get paid in order to survive, they still did not want someone who was "only motivated by money."

Maysun said hiring managers need to get a grip on reality.

Woman recording TikTok in the car
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"This is what I mean when I say they need to grow up. I don't know what fantasy world you're living in where people are letting you pay them in gold star stickers or whatever the ****, but I live in the real world where people need money to survive," she shared.

Maysun makes a valid point about the gap between employers and employees.

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Maysun's TikTok rant opened the discussion to the gap that sometimes employees feel they have with their employers. While companies may want specific types of candidates, specifically those who will accept lower pay, they still make them work just as hard as jobs that offer higher salary bases.

Overall, TikTok users agreed that employers are oftentimes clueless.

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Many commenters shared that the entire mentality that hiring managers want "motivated employees" who want to give to the company and not work for just pay is completely naive. The thought process does not work in a world where people work for money.