People Discuss The Small Habits That Make A Positive Difference In Their Lives

Lex Gabrielle
woman reading in bed
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For everyone, life can be hectic and chaotic. Stress can pile up and responsibilities can drown us. Sometimes, we get so overwhelmed that we feel burnt out and completely drained. However, there are many ways that we can take positive steps to feel better and overall change their lives in small and meaningful ways.

Sometimes, all it takes is a little sunshine and some self-care.

Be one with nature.

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Lilstrongstreet shared that sitting out in silence and taking in nature can make a huge difference. The fresh air and the beauty of nature can oftentimes make us feel like we are a small part of a very big world.


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bookcrazymama shared that journaling and keeping track of her days and memories has been very helpful. She documents moments of gratitude and it makes her feel good when she looks back on memories of the past. She gets to bask in the moments she was happiest.

Sing your favorite songs out loud in the car.

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DonGuilley shared that singing in the car to your favorite songs can put you in a great mood. You get to sing every word that you know and you can't really be in a terrible mood while you're singing. Roll the windows down for extra oomph.

Understand your emotions.

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robertman147555 pointed out that in order to heal from emotions, you have to understand them and truly get to the root of them. Sit and pick them apart so you can truly understand where they stem from and work on them.

Cut out toxic people.

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soline said that toxic people can be the reason that you feel negatively about yourself. Self-doubt can stem from those who talk down to you and about you. Let them go so that you can move on and heal.

To-do lists.

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moangirl17 said that making to-do lists, even for small and little tasks, can make you feel accomplished and better about yourself. Crossing things off a list can make you feel like you have been productive and put you in a better mood.

Get out and about.

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El_Husker shared that getting out and doing something for yourself is a good way to make you feel good. Going for a coffee and taking a stroll during your workday can help you decompress and get a break.

Positive affirmations.

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Puzzleheaded-Dog2882 said that giving yourself pep talks throughout the day will make you feel better about yourself overall. Talking nicely to yourself is important. Words of affirmation can change your mood and the way that you look at yourself.

Look forward.

David Rose saying "I'm looking forward to it."
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AndyCrandy shared that it's important to always remember where you are going and how far you have come from where you have been. Your past may hurt, but you got yourself up and picked yourself up to get to where you are now.

Start every day with gratitude.

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Botryoid2000 said that it's important to wake up every single morning and start your day with a positive mindset. Be thankful for the little things, the ones that not many people have—like a roof over your head and food on the table.

Reach out to friends.

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OttoQuangel said that keeping in touch with friends and family is important. Always reach out to see what they are doing and what they are up to. Sometimes, the conversation will make you feel good and it's nice to be in contact with the ones you love.

Force yourself.

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PoisonGems shared that on the bad days, you have to force yourself out of bed and get up and tackle the day. Sometimes, life can seem really hard and you may want to sleep all day long—but, you have to get up and keep going.

Go on walks.

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bopboophophibby said that going for walks every day can make a big change. Sometimes, it only has to be a 15-minute walk, but you will feel better getting outside and getting fresh air. Plus, the exercise will make you feel good overall.

Don't take things personally.

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daniebop shared that they usually take things very personally. It can be negative and toxic for people because if you are constantly taking things to heart so often, it can weigh you down and make you feel as though everything is your fault. Brush it off.

Take a shower to start your day.

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sugaree53 said that in the morning, they take a warm shower and wash away all of the negative thoughts and toxic things that go on in their head. Plus, it wakes you up and jumpstarts your day for what is to come.