Mom Throws 'Period Party' For Her Daughter To Break The Stigma Of Menstruation

Danielle Broadway
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Things can often be awkward for both parents and children when it comes to discussing periods. So, it was especially interesting for TikTok viewers to see one mom throwing her daughter a "period party." For many girls, there's shame and embarrassment attached with periods, but this mother decided to make it a source of pride for her daughter after hearing about the idea from a stand-up comedy skit by Bert Kreischer, who talked about how his daughter threw herself a period party. We must say that this unconventional celebration may be a new trend of empowerment for girls, and people may want to take some notes after learning about this unique idea.

Jade Powell believes a period party is a positive thing.

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When it came to celebrating her daughter Akemi's first period, Jade Powell (AKA @clicknbloom) didn't come to play. She called the occasion a "becoming of age" and made sure there were plenty of theme-accurate party favors by helping her daughter and her friends construct period starter kits. The kits include "tons of red treats," "tie dye shirts" and more. She explained in the video's caption that she's "so glad" they did it.

She made custom decorations.

As an Etsy store owner who makes her DIY creations, Jade decided to create custom decorations for the party. With confetti in the shape of pads, uteruses, and drops of blood. There were also cupcakes with blood droplets with cute faces and a chocolate fountain filled with white chocolate dyed red. Talk about feeding those period sugar cravings while having some exceptional photos for the 'gram.

The party wasn't about giving a gynecology lesson.

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While it was a party inspired by a landmark moment in Akemi's development, Jade wasn't interested in giving the girls in attendance a gynecology lesson. The celebration was about womanhood, girl power and just, fun. They also dubbed it a "first moon party," to play with the theme further. It was about taking the severity and stigma away from periods while acknowledging the life-changing moment.

Jade didn't think that this moment would happen so soon.

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Jade wasn't expecting her 11-year-old daughter to start menstruating so soon, believing she had at least a year or two. However, puberty is different for everyone and Jade was ready to comfort her daughter when the day came. She answered Akemi's questions privately and assured her that the process is natural. While her period started in January, the party happened sometime after. We can't think of a better way to throw a welcome party for Aunt Flow's first visit.

Jade hopes this can be a new tradition.

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For so many generations of girls and women, periods have been associated with insecurities and even feeling weak and less than---but celebrations like this can change those negative mindsets. Jade is hoping that Akemi will throw a similar party for her own daughter, if she has one in the future, her sisters and friends that may need the same encouragement.

Jade respects other parents' timing for these talks.

It was important to Jade not to step on the toes of any fellow parents by telling their girls about menstruation or puberty during the party. She realizes that every parent has their own approach to such talks and it was more about making her daughter's group of tight-knit friends that she's "known for years and years" feel supported. It seems like her mission was a resounding success. We can only hope that the other parents have the same loving energy.

People are in love with this idea.

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With over 140K likes, the period party is all the rage on TikTok. Audiences have not only voiced their support for this idea, they've also asked Jade questions about the process. Many commenters are moms that are trying navigate the best way to support their own children when it comes to periods. This may very well mean more period parties are on the way.

Many women wish their moms had prepared them like this.

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One woman described getting her period for the first time as "scary and lonely" because her mom never talked to her about it. In many cases, stigma surrounding periods is generational and girls grow into women that believe their bodies are taboo. Even those that have periods, but don't identify as women are often made to feel like their periods are unacceptable. Jade is showing others that it's not "weird" to honor and comfort their children throughout the new experience.

Some people have already thrown period parties for their daughters.

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For a few people, Jade's idea was like deja vu because they'd also prepared a special celebration for their daughter's first period. Hopefully seeing more people doing things like this and adding periods to the discussion will normalize girls and women being seen for who they are. People who have periods should feel safe in their own bodies, which is why Jade's video resonates to powerfully.

Let us know what you think of Jade's period party for her daughter in the comments and if you'd ever consider throwing or attending one.