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Woman Tricks Roommate Into Shaving Her Head To See If She Was Single White Female-ing Her

Some say that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. And even if that's the case, you can still take it a little too far and cross into total creep territory.

For one young woman, a creepy imitator left her with no choice but to play a little test, and now she's taken to the internet to see if she was in the wrong.

The user posted to the popular Subreddit, r/AmItheAsshole.

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In her post, she writes about a girl she calls Kaya who's been imitating her, down to shaving her own head. Little did Kaya know, that was a test, and she failed it.

"There’s this girl that lives in my uni halls, we’re not roommates but we are flatmates."

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"We’re not best friends but we are friendly. We don’t really spend much time together.

Over time, my friends noticed that Kaya tried to copy me in everything."

"It started slowly, accessories and some clothes. Nothing major."

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"I didn’t even notice until people started pointing it out to me. I have a rather distinct style and she started copying it. I don’t owe the style and she’s free to wear what she likes but it’s the exact same copies of my outfits which is very odd."

"But then, it started going further."

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"I dyed my hair, she dyed her hair, I bought something for my room, she bought the same thing, she continued. "I started chatting with a guy, she became obsessed with that guy..."

"I joined societies and sports and after she found out, she joined the same ones I did."

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"Basically, everything I do, she copies eventually. It’s just really creepy but I haven’t said anything, I wouldn’t even know what to say."

"Over the Easter break, my friend and I were at my family house, a bit drunk and decided to test out whether Kaya really copies everything I do."

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"I made a post on social media about shaving my head. My friend does hairdressing and she helped me out faking shaved head and I posted a photo with shaved head."

"I deleted the photo few days later and forgot about this whole thing."

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"After Easter break was over, we had uni exams and I was focusing on that. Imagine my shock when I came back and Kaya had shaved [her] head. And she was pissed when she saw me."

"She started shouting how I lied to her and why would I do that. She went on and on and on, really angry."

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"She sent me a text telling me that she expects me to pay for her wig as it’s my fault she shaved her head. I replied that absolutely not, that it was not my fault and she decided on her own to do that."

"My exams start tomorrow and yesterday I received an e-mail from my university, asking me for a meeting over the issue."

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"She REPORTED me to uni over something she’s done."

OP then opens it to the floor, asking if she really was in the wrong.

The comments took OP's side.

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"You didn’t shave her head while she slept, she did it herself while not in your presence," one commenter wrote.

Yeah... Kaya shaved her head because she thought OP did. That's not the same as OP telling her to.

A lot of commenters gave OP advice on how to handle the meeting.

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"I can't give you legal advice, but if it were me, I would certainly leave out the part about 'testing out whether Kaya really copies everything I do,'" another commenter said.

But most agree that this behavior is incredibly creepy.

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In fact, the meeting might be a good thing. Unfortunately, OP hasn't updated the post or replied to any of the comments, so we don't know how any of it has gone as of yet.