Bride Chops Her Wedding Dress Short So She Can Wear It Again And Again

Kasia Mikolajczak
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I've already told you that I'm planning my wedding and I have found my perfect dress. In fact, I've had it for the past two years. But what happens to the gown after the big day? That's the question on many brides' minds, including mine.

Some ladies end up selling their dresses, while others preserve them for their future daughters. However, this one bride opted to do something entirely different. Check this story out.

TikTok user Taylor Popik got married this past August.

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And she knew exactly what type of wedding gown she wanted. She actually saw the dress online before her big appointment at Kleinfeld's. Then, her mom noticed somebody else trying on the same dress not knowing her daughter loved it.

So, her mom suggested Taylor try it on.

bride wearing a wedding dress in a store
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And after trying on only three dresses, this bride-to-be was set and said "Yes" to her dress. The lace Tony Ward bridal gown was covered with floral appliqué and featured a plunging neckline. It suited Taylor's physique perfectly.

She wore the dress to her wedding and absolutely loved it.

TikTok bride in her wedding dress
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Afterward, she took some time to decide what to do with the gown, and she came up with the idea of cutting it down to make a shorter version of it. She took the plunge and posted the story on TikTok.

And as they say 'the rest is history' because her video totally went viral.

Woman on TikTok wearing a short dress
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Everybody loved her idea. Taylor didn't want to just spend $5000 on a dress she only gets to wear once. So she figured out that it's best to repurpose it. That way she can wear it for special occasions like her honeymoon in Italy.

Other ladies literally freaked out over this new shorter version of the wedding gown.

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I mean, what a great idea, huh? If you're going to get an expensive wedding dress and then it just hangs in your closet, that seems like such a waste, no?

Of course, you can sell the dress, but why should you have to?

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Or you can just preserve it and keep it aside for your daughter. Well, this way Taylor gets to enjoy the dress over and over again, and she can still opt to keep it for her daughter should she want to wear it one day.

This shorter version is absolutely gorgeous.

Do you agree with me? Taylor's mom was actually the one who gave her the idea of cutting it short. It was something the mom did before and it turned out great so why not?

This dress fit Taylor like a glove.

Lady Gaga

So why not have a chance to wear it over and over again? I'm actually planning to wear my wedding dress every year on our anniversary. I can't let it sit in the closet for eternity, ha, ha.

Let me ask you: what do you think of this idea?

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Would you do this to your wedding dress? Or are you a traditionalist and wouldn't want to touch it at all? I say — to each their own. So do what feels right to you. If you rather keep your wedding dress in pristine condition, then do it, but if you want to wear it again, this is a great idea.

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