TikToker Gives Viewers Sneak Peek Of New Chik-Fil-A Uniform

Ashley Hunte
A red baseball cap with the Chick-fil-A logo on it.
TikTok | @trayjonturner

One aspect of fast food and other service jobs is the fact that you're expected to wear a uniform. Not just follow a dress code, but wear things specified by the employer.

For a lot of jobs, the uniform comes out of pocket, too. Though, it's looking like that might not always be the case. At least, not upfront.

A TikToker recently showed off his new work uniform.

A white Chick-fil-A bag with the name Jake Turner written on it.
TikTok | @trayjonturner

Jake Turner (@trayjonturner) recently got a job with the fast food chain Chick-fil-A, and used TikTok to show off the uniform set he'd just brought home, before taking on his first shift.

There's actually a lot to the uniform.

A red hat with the CFA logo on it.
TikTok | @trayjonturner

In this unboxing (or I guess it would really be more of an un-bagging), Jake shows each piece of the new uniform. First off is the hat, which seems pretty standard.

Next he shows off the actual uniform clothing.

A red shirt with an emblem on one side that reads, "make it good." The shirt is wrapped in plastic.
TikTok | @trayjonturner

A couple of pairs of black pants and red shirts with a "make it good" emblem on them. It looks like he gets two of each, which makes a lot of sense.

He even gets some accessories.

A CFA nametag with the name Jake on it.
TikTok | @trayjonturner

I think to the surprise of Jake and the audience, Chick-fil-A provided him with a uniform belt. That's... actually pretty awesome.

And of course, his shiny new name tag is in the bag as well.

And finally, he shows off his brand new shoes.

A hand holding up a black shoe.
TikTok | @trayjonturner

"What do y’all think of the Chick-fil-A sandwich 3s? They’re actually not too bad," Jake says. "They gave us all this, and you only have to pay for the shoes."

The comments were pretty impressed with his brand-new uniform.

"Good luck you are lucky because most jobs do not supply you with all that stuff usually they give you a shirt and a hat and not pants and belt," one commenter wrote.

Other people shared their own experiences working with Chick-fil-A.

A CFA logo flashing red and white on a black background.
Giphy | Chick-fil-A Rohnert Park

A former employee commented, "CFA was my first job when I was 16 & they gave us one pair of pants and shirt! Nice they gave y'all shoes and I loved working there!"

Some people were more skeptical that he'd get all that uniform stuff for free.

One man saying "suspicious" at a second man.
Giphy | Parks and Recreation

"Little does he know it’s coming out his first check it will be nothing," somebody commented, despite the fact that Jake said he was only being charged for the shoes.

And apparently the job is going well.

Jake posted a follow up video not long after the original (earlier in May), and talked about how his first day on the job was better than he was expecting. That sounds good!

By now, the original TikTok has officially gone viral.

Borat giving two thumbs up.
Giphy | Amazon Prime Video

As of May 18th, 2022, the TikTok has over 744K views as well as 91K likes. It's safe to say these numbers are making Jake and Chick-fil-A pretty happy right now.

h/t The Daily Dot