Julia Fox Thinks Wearing Underwear In Public Should Be 'Socially Acceptable'

Taylor Sakellis
julia fox walking in underwear from the grocery store
Getty Images | Rachpoot/Bauer-Griffin

Model and actress Julia Fox is speaking out about what clothing items she believes should become the new norm after being spotted out in a matching underwear set.

It's no secret being a woman means often being faced with dress codes. Since childhood, women have been told what they should and should not wear. What's appropriate, and what's not. What outfits we should wear to school or to work have been dictated for us since... forever essentially. It seems like every day we're being told about another young girl somewhere who is being pulled out of school because of what they're wearing.

If the name Julia Fox doesn't immediately sound familiar to you, I can give you a quick refresh.

Not only was she Josh Safdie's muse and star for the 2019 film Uncut Gems, but she made headlines earlier this year after being spotted out with Kanye West in many Kim Kardashian lookalike outfits.

She has also had multiple interview audio voice clips go viral on TikTok this year which is, honestly, the real sign of success in 2022.

Now, the Italian-American actress is hoping to make a splash in the fashion world by rocking her underwear set and a denim blazer to the grocery store.

Julia was photographed leaving the store in her black and white Alexander Wang underwear-bralette set. The pictures quickly went viral, and Julia posted them on her social media.

"My vibe is just preparing for the apocalypse rn," she captioned the pictures.

Things took a turn, however, when Instagram account @tipsydrunk posted a meme of the outfit writing "When it's laundry day but you have errands to run," above a photo of Julia packing groceries into her car.

woman laughing at her phone
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Funny, right? Well Julia had a lot to say about the post in a since-deleted Instagram story.

As reported by "People" Julia reposted the meme and captioned the story: "I just think that if it's socially acceptable at the beach it should be the same everywhere lol."

julia fox wearing underwear public after getting groceries
Getty Images | Rachpoot/Bauer-Griffin

Well, that is one way to think about it! As someone who avoids the beach for this exact reason, though, I truly hope this doesn't become a trend.