Polaroid photos of Bob Saget and Kelly Rizzo together on vacation in Mexico
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Kelly Rizzo Celebrates Bob Saget's 66th Birthday In Emotional Tribute To Late Star

Months after Bob Saget's sudden death from head trauma, his wife Kelly Rizzo made a touching post celebrating what would have been his 66th birthday and the time they had spent together.

The comedy legend made it clear in his final months that he had gotten as much out of the art of making people laugh as he had contributed to it and that love shined through to his fans and friends alike. That's why it was so devastating for so many to hear that had passed away so suddenly and it remains such a frustrating mystery as to how he could have hurt his head so severely.

But rather than get lost in the ghoulish weeds of how his life ended, those closest to him are choosing instead to celebrate what made him such an important part of their lives. And that's why Rizzo shared such a powerful post to commemorate the day his life began.

On May 17, Kelly Rizzo paid tribute to Bob Saget in an Instagram post that featured photos from their final vacation together.

Bob Saget resting head on hand with drinks in front of him while on vacation in Mexico
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According to Good Morning America, Saget and Rizzo married in 2018 after three years of dating and as Rizzo explained in her post, they always celebrated their birthdays with a trip together because hers comes just two days after his.

In this case, the pictures she shared came from a resort in Los Cabos, Mexico.

And while neither of them could know how significant this last birthday would truly be, Rizzo noted that it was an unusually big celebration even for them.

bob saget smiles next to birthday cake while on vacation in Mexico
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As she put it, "We both celebrated each other so big. You never know when something is going to be 'the last' time."

She also expressed how gratifying it was that the fates aligned to make that celebration one in which he was "showered with all of the love he deserves."

And it's been clear to Rizzo in the months since his passing just how far that love for him extends.

In her words, "Honey, everyone loves you so damn much. Everyone wants you to know how important and special you are on your special day, and we ALL celebrate you."

Polaroid photos of Bob Saget and Kelly Rizzo together on vacation in Mexico
instagram | @eattravelrock

And so she now prays there's some way that even now, there's a way for him to see all of this love radiate from around the world.

She added, "You are one of a kind and you certainly made my world go ‘round. I love you more than anything and miss you every minute."

And since it's always hard to face the first posthumous birthday of someone you've lost, Rizzo said that she and Saget's three daughters will need each other's support and she plans to hold them all in a tight embrace.

Bob Saget and Kelly Rizzo embrace while on vacation in Mexico
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And that's not the only way she intends to honor what she believe his birthday wishes for her would have been.

As she put it, "And I know you’d want me to get a martini tonight, so I’ll oblige. Happy birthday, honey."

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