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People Share The Deaths Of Fictional Characters They Still Haven't Gotten Over

Getting sucked into a fictional world is all fun and games until something bad happens to your fave. Character deaths are never fun to read or watch, but it can be a real gut punch when you aren't expecting it.

A Redditor asked, "Which fictional character's death have you not gotten over?" Their answers are making me a little sad, not gonna lie.

"Henry Blake from Mash."

The cast of MASH.
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M*A*S*H was groundbreaking in a lot of ways, and the fact that they had the one of the first character deaths for an actor's departure in television history is just one of them. Pretty easy to imagine it being a gut punch to the audience.

"Doctor Fraiser from Stargate SG-1."

"7 years I watched that show up to that point. Her death hit me harder than any other TV show character for some reason. I still think about it sometimes."

I guess some characters just stick with you.

"Cinna from The Hunger Games."

Cinna from the Hunger Games shushing.
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I feel like for the most part, the deaths in the Hunger Games books felt so fast and unexpected, you kind of had to read the scenes a few times to get that somebody just died. At least, that's how it was for me.

"Little Foot’s mom from Land Before Time."

Little Foot and his mom from The Land Before Time.
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One commenter wrote, "We had it recorded on a VHS tape when I was very young and that part always killed me so my Dad recorded over that one part at my request."

Yeah, understandable.

"Sarah Lynn in Bojack Horseman."

Sarah Lynn from Bojack Horseman opening a liquor cabinet and drinking straight from a bottle.
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What makes this death so much worse is the fact that there was a fake-out earlier in the same episode. Sure, it's a death that you kind of see coming, but that doesn't make it any easier to watch.

"Dr. Mark Greene."

A black and white shot of two characters from ER.
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A show like ER is full of death, but that doesn't mean any of them are easy to handle.

"ER had some tragic deaths but his and Lucy’s we’re the worst," a user commented.

"Lenny from Of Mice and Men."

A scene from the 1992 Of Mice and Men adaptation.
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One user wrote, "I never saw it coming. Then again, neither did Lenny."

I'll admit I've never read that book, but I feel like that comment is just somebody masking their pain...

"Buffy's mom."

Buffy Summers and her mom.
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One user said, "My wife was watching through that series again... That episode comes on and it's just silence. There was virtually no transition from the usual lighthearted and campy nature of that show to the totally somber and serious tone of that episode."

"Poussey Washington (Orange is the New Black)."

Poussey Washington brushing her hair.
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This character death was especially hard. Not just because of the fact that Poussey was a beloved character, but also because of the scene's relevance in this day and age. It was almost too much to handle.

"Amber on House."

Amber from House
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"She deserved so much better. I always think I’m ready to watch that episode again, but inevitably I break at the end and just sob uncontrollably. I go from fine to inconsolable the moment the final flashback on the bus starts."

"Mufasa from Lion King seeing as that movie was my favorite as a kid."

Mufasa from the Lion King animated movie.
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Now that I'm a lot older and I know that the movie was based off Hamlet, I know Mufasa's death was unavoidable. But that doesn't make it any less heartbreaking!

"Ben in Scrubs."

Brendan Fraser looking around, confused.
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There were a lot of comments under this one. As it turns out, Scrubs has a lot of character deaths that hit you right in the feels. I guess it's a show that isn't for the faint of heart.

"Boxer the horse in Animal Farm."

A copy of Animal Farm by George Orwell.
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To be fair, Animal Farm isn't exactly the kind of story that's meant to leave you feeling all warm and fuzzy. Still, Boxer's death felt really harsh. Thematically, probably perfect for the novella.

"Hodor from GOT."

Hodor saying, "Hodor!"
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Man, between his actual death and finding out why he can only say (and is called) "Hodor," there's no other Game of Thrones death that can compare. Too bad the show kind of went downhill from there.

"Dean Winchester."

Dean Winchester nodding.
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All I know about Supernatural is that the fans absolutely hated the series finale. One commenter wrote, "I am still furious about that. Everything they went through and he gets taken out like THAT?!" I think that's all you need to know.

"Ali from Squid Game."

Ali catching Gi Hun during red light green light in Squid Game.

The very nature of Squid Game meant that pretty much every character was going to die. But for Ali to go out like that? Legit feels like your heart is being ripped out of your chest.

"Tony Stark from Avengers: Endgame."

Tony Stark telling the world that he's Iron Man.
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They gave Tony so much respect during his death and funeral scenes. It felt like such a good (and heartbreaking) departure for RDJ and his character from the series. Like, best case scenario kind of thing.

"Gwen’s death in The Amazing Spider-Man 2 shook me for two days straight. I definitely expected for him to catch her. She was just about to start her life."

Emma Stone as Gwen Stacey.
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I actually got spoiled for that death before I ever saw the movie, and let me tell you. That didn't make it any easier.

"Aerith from Final Fantasy 7."

Aerith from the original Final Fantasy 7.
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Probably the most famous (infamous?) video game death. It happens surprisingly early on in the game, comes out of nowhere (or, it would if the internet hadn't eternally spoiled it), and it really sets the tone for the rest of the game.

"Hank from Breaking Bad."

Hank from Breaking Bad pumping his fists while saying, "Hell yeah!"
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"You know he was always doomed, from the pilot, though the show got us to forget the first thing it told us because we cared," another commenter added.

I feel like Hank is a character you grow to like. But man.