Chef prepping a kitchen.
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Hilarious Cooking Mistakes That Took A Bad Turn

I've seen enough episodes of Top Chef to know that even the best cooks in the world still make the occasional mistake. Screw-ups are inevitable and shouldn't keep you from trying something new.

However, every once in a while, you make a mistake in the kitchen that makes you question your very sanity and has you vowing never to cook again. See what I mean and check out these hilarious cooking mistakes that took a seriously bad turn.

Cheesecake soup, anyone?

Spoon in cheesecake.
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"I tried to make a cheesecake using the water bath method. One step said to take it out after hours or so in the oven. They meant take it OUT OF THE WATER BATH. Not take it out of the spring pan....I had soup." - Reddit u/Nobuddy1234

That is a truly unfortunate Freudian slip.

Cumin and chili powder.
Unsplash | Diana Polekhina

Reddit user mescaife still recalls one Thanksgiving dinner where they accidentally seasoned the dessert apples with cumin instead of cinnamon. What's worse is they didn't realize until their father took a big bite.

That's what counter space is for.

Scene from 'Big Brother'.
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One time, Reddit user Mathdidyou was pulling a hot baking sheet from the oven and made the questionable decision to let it cool on the polyester carpet. The tray wound up melting the carpet fibers, thus sticking the pan forever to the rug.

A happy accident?

Plate of onion rings in newspaper.
Unsplash | Esperanza Doronila

Reddit user jumbledgarbagebrain was sitting at the table, eating a plate of homemade onion rings, when they realized that something tasted strange. It took a while, but they soon realize that they'd battered the onions in powdered sugar, instead of flour.

"Was really upset when I couldn't find my leftover bacon to have for breakfast. Found it the next day in the knife drawer." - Reddit u/okokimup

Raw bacon.
Unsplash | KG Baek

I can forgive a lot, but wasting perfectly good bacon borders on blasphemy, as far as I'm concerned.

The milk's gone bad.

Carton of milk on the counter.
Unsplash | Leon Seibert

After baking, Reddit user invisiblegirl55 set to work and put away all the ingredients they'd used in the recipe back into their proper places. The next day, as they went to eat their morning bowl of cereal, they realized that they'd put the milk carton into the cupboard.

Maybe cooking just isn't for you?

Putting out pan fire with lid.
Giphy | SoulPancake

Redditor hollyisunstable is a bit of a clumsy Clouseau-esque chef. They've been known to add salt instead of sugar, pour pasta into the sink without a strainer, and one time even managed to drop their phone into a pot of boiling water.

Spicy garlic cookies are not good.

Cloves of garlic in a bowl.
Unsplash | Towfiqu barbhuiya

One time, Redditor kriskel86 accidentally added Old Bay seasoning instead of pumpkin spice to her cookies. She realized she'd made a mistake halfway through baking, once the whole kitchen started to smell like roasted garlic.

All that work for nothing!

David from 'Schitt's Creek;.
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Redditor blackraindark once made a crucial error while making a batch of garlic-fried rice. They had two piles: one for the cloves and one for the peels. When all the work was done, they opened the garbage and threw out all the cloves instead of the peels.

Baking brownies can be deadly.

Pan of brownies.
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"Greased the pan for rice krispy treats with bug spray rather than cooking spray. Fortunately, I realized before serving them to anyone (but not after filling the pan, so I had to run to the supermarket for more ingredients)." - Reddit u/eilonwyhasemu

What a watery mess!

Mac n Cheese in a bowl.
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Kraft Mac and Cheese is a staple found in millions of kitchens all over the world. One night, while Redditor carsandbands was cooking a box of their favorite cheesy comfort food, they dumped the cheese sauce in the pot without straining the water.

I will never eat pancakes again.

Pancakes with berries and powdered sugar.
Unsplash | Jaqueline Pelzer

Reddit user drabkin95's wife is a wiz when it comes to breakfast and her specialty was always pancakes. But ever since the day that she accidentally used garlic powder instead of cinnamon in the batter, they've somewhat lost their luster.

This never would've happened on a BBQ.

Steal with a sprig of rosemary on top.
Unsplash | Edson SaldaƱa

Redditor 11t7 recently broke down and bought themselves a sous-vide machine to help with cooking steaks. They put two very expensive ribeyes into the machine at 173-degrees for two hours, instead of 137-degrees.

Don't save room for dessert.

Piece of tiramisu.
Unsplash | Marianna OLE

The first time that Redditor DerMarder attempted to make tiramisu, they accidentally used ground coffee beans instead of brewed coffee. It tasted horrible and also wreaked havoc on their insides later on that night.

I think we've all made this mistake on at least one occasion.

"I used a colander to strain my linguine, but the holes were bigger than the pasta so it all went through and fell into my sink." - Reddit u/Beginning_Low_4385

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