Machine Gun Kelly Sparks Marriage And Pregnancy Rumors At Billboard Awards

Mason Joseph Zimmer
Machine Gun Kelly playing guitar at 2022 Billboard Music Awards in front of tree set with twin flames
Getty Images | Ethan Miller

During a performance at the 2022 Billboard Music Awards dedicated to Megan Fox, Machine Gun Kelly made a few statements that suggested the couple's engagement is moving faster than we may have thought.

Soon after they started seeing each other in 2020, their relationship has been a whirlwind defined by the passionate belief that they're two halves of the same soul and bizarre admissions such as the fact that MGK wears a vial of Fox's blood around his neck.

Similar eccentricities went public around the time the couple became engaged in early 2022 and significant public outcry came from the fact that Fox's ring was custom-made with thorns that would hurt her if she tried to take it off.

Nonetheless, both maintain that they are in the throes of a timeless love story that's moving along quickly whether there's any truth to MGK's recent suggestions or not.

After showing up to the Las Vegas venue hosting the Billboard Music Awards alongside Fox on May 15, Machine Gun Kelly took to the stage for an atmospheric performance of his song "Twin Flame."

Machine Gun Kelly puts arm around Megan Fox's midriff while filming both of them in mirror with his phone at 2022 Billboard Music Awards
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According to People, the title comes from an affectionate term Fox and MGK use for each other that also plays into the way they characterize their relationship as more than soul mates.

As Fox explained it, "Instead of a soul mate, a twin flame is actually where a soul has ascended into a high enough level that it can be split into two different bodies at the same time. So we're actually two halves of the same soul, I think. And I said that to him almost immediately, because I felt it right away."

And while he began performing after making this dedication, he proved throughout his time on-stage that he wasn't finished talking.

As CNN reported, he first wished Fox a happy birthday because she happened to turn 37 the day after the awards. And while the moment was emotional for Fox, part of her strong feelings came from an aspect of the song that apparently isn't public knowledge.

Aside from the fact that he performed it for her when he first wrote it, Fox mentioned on the red carpet that "There's like super special secret meaning to the song as well. So I'm sure I will be [emotional], but I can't cry and [expletive] up this eyeliner."

But while the song itself clearly means a lot to the couple, it was what MGK said before his performance and towards the end of "Twin Flame" that made others curious.

Machine Gun Kelly playing guitar at 2022 Billboard Music Awards in front of tree set with twin flames
Getty Images | Ethan Miller

As mentioned, he began by dedicating the song to Fox, but he specifically said "I wrote this song for my wife."

And as he was preparing to wrap up his performance, he said, "And this is for our unborn child" before singing "Go to sleep/ I'll see you in my dreams/ This changes everything/ Now I have to set you free."

After this second surprise dedication, the sound of a heart beating could be heard.

Naturally, these dedications had fans wondering if the couple were not only already married, but also pregnant.

But while the musician has referred to Fox as his "wife" before, neither of them have announced any wedding and have kept mum about any pregnancy.

And since both of them remained tight-lipped about what Kelly said after the performance, it seems they're playing it coy and leaving everyone wondering what he really meant.

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