20 Screw-Ups That Would Seriously Test Our Forgiveness

Ashley Hunte
Two people bent over an open car hood with a phone.
reddit | KILL_VELLA

Everybody makes a mistake from time to time. For the most part, they're at least pretty minor and easy to forgive. But every now and then, somebody screws up in a way that makes you pretty much question everything.

All of the pics in this list show things that people did that are pretty annoying. It's gonna be hard to forgive these massive mess-ups.

"Think I'll Pass On This Graphic Design Course."

A poorly made ad for college courses.
reddit | _dapper_dan

When people say things like "graphic design is my passion," they're usually talking about things like this. They're also being really ironic because this kind of stuff is absolute trash and hurts to look at.

"I accidentally locked up my lil brother on the toilet on our holiday..."

An open door that's open into a closed door. The handles are intertwined, causing the closed door to be stuck.
reddit | thebeeking125

I'm glad that OP was still in the unit, and didn't leave for the day or something. Their poor brother could've been stuck in there for hours, all because of this weird layout.

"Tucson Arizona left turn traffic light. Red and Green?"

A left turning light where the red and green arrows are both on.
reddit | Awesomehalrcut

So it's telling you to turn, but also don't turn. I guess look at the other lane and see if the cars are moving? Or just don't take any chances.

"Cheesecake bandage looks like a gaping wound."

A bandage made to look like a slice of strawberry cheesecake.
reddit | PhantaVal

Ah yes, because a slice of cheesecake with (red) strawberry sauce is the perfect design to cover up a cut with. Like, who seriously thought this was a good idea for a bandage design?

If anything, I am more creeped out by it.

"Damn near broke my ankle at the bottom of these steps."

Two images showing an outdoor staircase where the bottom step is significantly more shallow than the rest.
reddit | vaskemaskine

This looks like somebody purposely made that bottom step too shallow. Like they wanted people to trip and hurt themselves or something. And that's just plain horrible if I do say so myself.

"Came to pickup my online order restaurant is closed????? Still charged me."

A closed up storefront.
reddit | malibuladyy

Ah yes, because no one actually wants the food they order. They just want to throw money at restaurants for no reason, that's what we like to do during a time where prices keep going up. Makes total sense.

"Being only 4 sips into my 'large' iced coffee."

An iced coffee that's mostly ice.
reddit | A-D-A-M_

This is LITERALLY MY WORST NIGHTMARE. I get that iced coffees are mostly ice and all, but this is way too much ice. The cup is basically 90% ice, 5% air, and 5% coffee. I can't tell if the barista messed up or if this is the result of a greedy company.

"Design of the bottle and logo looks way to close to a Sunny D like drink. If a kid couldn't read this would go bad."

A bottle of Fabuloso cleaner where the liquid is a bright yellow colour.
reddit | TheElegiast

I think that we as a society need to move away from juice-colored cleaning chemicals. Just, like, in general. We are smarter than this, and I think we can do better. Yes, I'm very passionate about this issue.

"A true or false question in which the question isn't a true or false question."

An online test question asking for a quantity, but only giving options for True or False.
reddit | PumkinJackalope

These kinds of screwups can stop people from getting the grades they deserve. It's probably the system's fault and not a teacher's but it's still really bad!

"This piece of wood at my house annoys me every time I walk past it."

A wooden floor where one plank is moving diagonally compared to the rest.
reddit | ScarcityCareless6241

This screams of a contractor who messed up and was too lazy to fix their mistake the right way. And such a shame, because those wood floors are otherwise really nice...

"I’m apartment hunting and ran across this bathroom that was apparently designed by a psychopath."

A room with three doors; one leading out of the room, one leading to a toilet, and one leading presumably to the bathtub/shower. A sink is in between two of the doors.
reddit | doc_birdman

I don't know what's happening here, but I'm somehow both really angry and a little bit scared. Like, what goes through somebody's head when they design these things?

"Y what interesting yehicles."

A picture book where a bunny riding a jetski is labeled as a yacht and a truck is labeled as a yruck.
reddit | TastyPondorin

Okay, this one actually made me laugh out loud. The fact that the "yacht" isn't even close to being a yacht is one thing. But the "yruck" is literally the funniest thing I've seen all day.

"Someone sneaked into my dorm room with a hammer and destroyed my lock, taking all of my noodles."

A broken lock on a cabinet door.
reddit | RiverReddit1401V2

Again, not necessarily a screw up. Just a total lack of invasion and the destruction of trust between OP and whoever stole all their noodles.

"'I just can’t control myself at target.'"

A completely destroyed shoe section in a Target.
reddit | ironlantern117

See, this is why we can't have nice things. Some people have such little respect for the people who work in retail that it's a little upsetting. The worst thing is, the person or people who did this are probably having a fantastic day.

"Dominos forgot to marble my marbled brownie."

A Dominos box with a set of brownies in it. The brownie slices have light circles in them.
reddit | InternalCommercial

Looks like somebody was at the end of their shift and were feeling a little lazy. On the plus side, it probably tastes a lot better than it looks (which shouldn't be hard since it doesn't look that good).

"Asked for extra mustard, didn't say which side of the bun."

A fast food burger with mustard on top of the bun.
reddit | I-is-incorrect

I mean, OP did get what they asked. Either the person who assembled the burger needed more instructions, or they were once again feeling lazy at the end of their shift.

"I found this in my bag of Cheetos and I have no clue what it is..."

A large p9iece of plastic or metal covered in Cheetos dust, which had been pulled out of a Flamin' Hot Lime Cheetos bag.
reddit | DeafLizardX28

The Reddit comment section said that this is some kind of factory piece that broke off and got stuck in the bag. And covered in Cheetos dust, I guess.

Looks suspiciously gross to me, though.

"How my new license plate was delivered by FedEx. 1 day late."

A crumpled up license plate next to a crumpled up FedEx package.
reddit | patrickg833

I just need to know how somebody can mess up so bad, they manage to completely destroy a license plate. And it was late on top of that!

"Guys who came to fix my car are watching a tutorial.... to fix the car."

Two men leaning over the open hood of a car while looking at a phone screen.
reddit | KILL_VELLA

Yeah, when the people who are supposed to know how to fix your car pull up a video Tutorial, it doesn't exactly inspire confidence. It's also weird considering the fact that you're paying them to do this?

"My girlfriend's brother decided to stab holes in my shoes for no reason. He is 26 years old."

Four puncture holes along the toe part of a shoe.
reddit | Howdoyoufeel44

Yeah... I have no words. This is just mean, downright annoying, and pretty odd. Like, why go through all the trouble to mess someone's shoes up like that?