Landlord Evicts Single Mom Claiming She 'Trashed' The Apartment

Daniel Mitchell-Benoit
A child's toy room with toys and garbage strewn about the floor.
TikTok | @realestatemogulstephen28

Being evicted is never, never an easy situation. It often comes with a lot of emotional pain, not to mention panic for the person who now has to uproot their life and find somewhere else to stay.

A landlord posted a TikTok wherein he said he evicted "another" single mom that "trashed" the place on her way out, sparking debate among the comments about who's in the wrong here.

A rather controversial TikTok was uploaded earlier this month.

Stephen in one of his TikToks, wearing sunglasses, a white shirt, and a gold necklace, smiling as text above him reads, "When your tenants leases are up."
TikTok | @realestatemogulstephen28

A post made by user @realestatemogulstephen28, or just Stephen, sparked quite the discussion from viewers.

People seem to swing either way on this matter, but what's got people so divided?

The first video starts with Stephen walking up a staircase.

The first shot of the TikTok as Stephen walks up a carpeted staircase towards an open door.
TikTok | @realestatemogulstephen28

He reaches an open door and walks through it, sad music playing in the background as we hear him say, "Just evicted another single mom."

The video then tours the apartment, showing things strewn about everywhere. "She trashed the place."

He continues walking around.

A child's toy room with toys and garbage strewn about the floor.
TikTok | @realestatemogulstephen28

He shows some furniture left behind as well as the general mess that seems to reach every room. "I feel bad for the kid," he says after showing what looks to have been a young girl's room.

The comments were alight with people taking sides.

The entry hallway that features a shelf covered in random items as well as garbage and other things littered across the floor.
TikTok | @realestatemogulstephen28

Replies were either way in Stephen's corner, or way in the mom's corner, sympathizing with her through what must have been a stressful situation.

Through followup videos and reading some of Stephen's own comments, we learn a little more about the context that lead to this.

Namely in a video he made replying to a comment.

A photo of the wall with a small hole in it.
TikTok | @realestatemogulstephen28

The comment read, "[You] evicted a woman with kids. [She] didn't have money to move it. [There aren't] holes in the wall. [Nothing] trashed about that..."

The video he made in response was a series of images showing the apartment after the mess was cleaned, showing dirty marks along every wall as well as one small hole.

It's the caption to this video that changes things.

A photo of one of the walls that's pretty marked up.
TikTok | @realestatemogulstephen28

"Gave her 9 months of rent free!" he claims. In replies to comments on his first video, wherein people said she likely didn't have enough notice, he says he gave her nine months to "figure it out".

These details started to bring people to his side.

"Business is business. You gave her a break and she took advantage," wrote one response.

"Just because they’re a single mother doesn’t mean they get to live rent free [...] single mother doesn’t equal free pass to life we all have issues," read another, to which Stephen replied, "She kept using the single mom card."

Still, this didn't win everyone over.

Especially since most of his account seems to consist of videos where he brags about evicting people and using the money he earns from his tenants' rent payments to go on lavish vacations.

Regardless of whether or not he's in the right regarding the eviction, he should maybe learn to handle these things with tact.

h/t: Daily Dot