Diabetic Worker Quits After Boss Threatens To Call Police Over Her Insulin Syringe

Ashley Hunte
Several insulin syringes for diabetes.
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Managers come down on workers, getting them in trouble for all sorts of reasons. In many cases, they're right to do so. But there are also many cases where the manager is in the wrong.

Whether it's because of a misunderstanding or an act of blatant discrimination, some managers definitely overstep their authority, leaving workers with a bad taste in their mouths.

One TikToker shared a story about how her former manager tried to get her in trouble... for insulin.

Abby Gebo standing in a kitchen.
TikTok | @thegebos

Abby Gebo (@thegebos) posts TikToks about her life, including how she lives with type 1 diabetes. She uses her platform to educate others on the chronic illness.

In April, she shared the story of the discrimination she faced at work.

Abby Gebo standing in a kitchen, but looking concerned.
TikTok | @thegebos

"Storytime when my manager almost called the cops on me for having a chronic illness," Abby begins before delving into the entire, rather frustrating exchange.

She then begins to act as her manager, who tells a hostess to be on standby in case they need to call the cops.

Abby Gebo mid-speech while standing in a kitchen.
TikTok | @thegebos

"Whose backpack is this?" the manager asks, to which Abby replies that it's hers.

"You know, Abby, I really expected better from you."

A vial of insulin next to a needle.
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After a back and forth, the manager finally confronts Abby with the drugs they believe they'd found in her bag. The "drugs" in question were Abby's insulin pumps, which she needs to manage her diabetes.

"I have diabetes, but you know that. I don't know why you're asking me about it."

Abby Gebo talking while holding her hand against her chest.
TikTok | @thegebos

According to Abby, the manager then says, "My niece is a diabetic and she does not have syringes. I know that they use pumps.

"So, wrong. Try again."

"Um, okay. I can't wait to sue you BUT some people can't afford pumps and they have to use vials and syringes," Abby explains.

Abby Gebo looking confused and annoyed.
TikTok | @thegebos

Apparently, that explanation wasn't good enough for the manager, because they then ask Abby to "prove it" by showing them her insulin vial.

Even though she had nothing to prove, Abby showed the manager her insulin vials that went with the syringes.

A chef in a kitchen saying "Like seriously... are you serious?"
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The manager then says Abby's "lucky," but that they're still watching her to make sure she doesn't do any drugs.

Abby ends the storytime by saying that was the day she quit that job.

The entire exchange was infuriating to begin with, but the fact that the manager couldn't admit their wrongdoing is the icing on the cake. Abby was right to get herself out of that situation.

Abby's followers were just as angry about the situation as she was.

A woman looking frustrated while holding her hands out like claws.

Since April, the TikTok has over 111k views and hundreds of comments siding with Abby.

One commenter wrote, "and how does one put the insulin into the pump? Maybe she can ask her niece what sorcery she uses but often a needle is needed."

Other people questioned the ethics of the manager looking in Abby's bag in the first place.

A woman shaking her head while saying, "No that's not right."
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"I wanna know why they were going through your bag," a user commented.

"Way to go girl he has no right to look in your backpack in the first place," another said.

If one thing is clear, it's that some people still have a lot to learn about chronic illnesses like diabetes.

A person saying "Educate yourself" in front of a colorful background with different moving shapes.
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Ironically, Abby's TikTok is the exact kind of thing her ex-manager should see. You should really educate yourself on illnesses before making assumptions.