kendall jenner cutting a cucumber
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Kendall Jenner, 26, Is Getting Roasted For Bizarre Cutting Skills: 'The Level Of Privilege'

There are a lot of things you can call out the Kardashian/Jenner family for. Their problematic behavior is no secret and their privilege is just part of their personalities.

As it turns out, however, we might not have realized how truly privileged this reality TV family is. I'm about to show you a clip of model Kendall Jenner that will make you feel so good about yourself but also so, so poor.

When it comes to my knife skills, I like to think I'm slightly above average.

knife chopping garlic and onions
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Let's be clear — I'm no Top Chef but I do know my way around a kitchen. This is due partially to my passion for cooking but also because I never had a private chef around to cook for me.

I, like most people, had to learn basic culinary skills to survive. You know... to make my own food. To not have to order takeout every single day.

However, not everyone grew up like this. Growing up rich means you most likely had a private chef who made everything you wanted whenever you wanted.

A prime example of this privilege can be seen in the most recent episode of "Kardashians" when Kendall Jenner, 26, attempts to cut a cucumber.

I say attempts because to be fair, she does try — it's just a method I have never seen before.

Pay attention to Kris Jenner's face as she realizes her child doesn't have basic culinary skills.

When the momager called the chef to take over I nearly fell out of my seat.

As you can imagine, Twitter is having an absolute field day.

"the level of privilege to be in your mid/late 20s and not know how to properly cut a vegetable !!!!!! AND THEY PUT IT IN THE EPISODE !!!!" tweeted one user.

"Obsessed with Kendall Jenner trying to prove she’s not an out of touch spoiled rich girl by insisting on making her own snack and almost dislocating her shoulder trying to slice a cucumber," tweeted another.

My favorite tweet? "Kendall Jenner may be rich and famous, but at least I can cut a cucumber."