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Ex-Employees Share The Revenge They Pulled After Being Mistreated At Work

We've likely all had a terrible boss at some point, and while working for that terrible boss we also likely had more than a few thoughts of enacting some sweet, sweet revenge on them to make up for all they put us through.

That's what the people in this list got to do, getting back at the people who wronged them at work before turning their backs and never returning.

An anonymous tip.

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"I had a guy I knew [opening] a computer store in another city, moved away from my family to be the tech there. He ran it into the ground in less than a year by spending all the profits and not paying back his suppliers. At tax time I called the revenue services and informed them that I hadn't [received] my tax documents from him. I knew full well that he wasn't paying any of the taxes to the government."

One word changes everything.

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"I worked for an architect who never attended to detail and had a load of failures as a result. On the day I refused to give the go ahead on a design that I knew would fail [...] I was fired. The last thing I had to do was supervise the printing of company letterheads, business cards and A0 drawing sheets. They were supposed to say 'McDonald, Sweet and Partners, Chartered Architects'. At the last minute I altered the proofs to say 'McDonald, Sweet and Partners, Chartered Artichokes' Of course, not being a 'detail' person he approved the proofs and 1000's got printed."

Immediate, physical revenge.

A baking tray with a desert inside.
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"When I was a teenager I worked in a fast food restaurant. One of the managers picked on one of the girls religiously because she was fat. I'd had enough...told him to leave her alone. He backhanded me. I knocked him out with a steel baking tray."

Just make up your order.

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"I worked at a restaurant a few years back right out of college. [...] we get a notice saying that the owner is going to start charging us for drinking water and soda during our shift. Not just charge us, but charge us hourly, regardless of if we actually drank anything. [...] I decided I'm done. [...] I decide to pull a little prank on the restaurant on my last day. After my last shift [...] I take all of the menus, and I mean ALL of the menus, and hide them inside of a booth. I learn the restaurant didn't find them for about 3 days [...]."

Computer troubles.

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"Had a horrible boss at one of my tech support jobs, very rude, misogynistic, demanding. So one day took a print screen picture capture jpg of his background, then moved all his icons and [shortcuts] on his desktop to an innocuous folder and put the print screen jpg up as his background. So the shortcuts and the links that appeared to be on [the] desktop were just a picture and were not [clickable]. He messed around with his computer for hours unable to get it to function normally."

Never-ending ringing.

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"After I quit an old retail job, I heard that the other girl working there got stuck doing everything [...]. So she shortly put her two weeks in. [...] For the last few days there, she acted very interested in the phone calls, and always ended the conversation by saying that the manager wasn't in so there was nothing she could do at the moment, but call back in about a week when he's back. I heard the phone was ringing like crazy for a month or so, and the manager and assistant manager (equally as evil) were stuck doing most of the shifts for a while until they got a new hire a few weeks later."

Haunting the office.

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"I still have access to some my company's social accounts even after I told my boss how to prevent your account being 'hacked' after you change your password. Every so often, I post things on their page that makes them look like they shared it on accident, change their links, or run ads designed to fail that get no traction and eat up their marketing budget. It's been months and they still haven't fixed it."

Between co-workers, but still.

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"Not me, but one of my coworkers at a restaurant was fooling around and hit one of the cooks in the head with a tomato or a piece of dough or something. Either way, when the culprit went to leave work, the cook was on top of the roof and dumped a bucket of water on his head as he walked out the door."

Every department available.

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"I worked 70-hour weeks as a salary employee, even though I couldn't technically be classified as such. After things didn't work out for whatever reason (because he was a prick), [my boss] canceled one of my paychecks right after I put it in the bank. I ended up contacting the US Department of Labor for the overtime, the State Department of Labor over a canceled paycheck and a litigious corporation whose software he was using illegally."

Company exodus.

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"I worked for a real asshole who loved to yell and scream at his employees at every available opportunity. I bided my time, and when his vice president (who I got along with well) left to form his own company, I went with him, along with a couple more of the asshole's best employees and most of his clients."

Gone without a trace.

Someone in fingerless gloves typing on a lit laptop keyboard.
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"I deleted the documents containing login details for all the marketing strategy files, social media, webservers, and my documents. [...] The company lost 40% of annual profits in the next 4 weeks. You sack me for nothing, you will pay with everything."

The Irish goodbye.

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"I worked at a furniture store for a while and was the assistant manager. There was a weekend where I was the only person there from open to close. We had a truck delivery I managed to get it all put away and sold about 20k on top of it. [...] I come in on Monday expecting praise for what I did over the weekend. Instead, I get completely chewed out for a broken lamp that was in the warehouse. This was my tipping point. Didn't do anything crazy just said I was going to lunch and never came back. It was such a relief to never have to go back."

On the property.

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"I got 'let go' from a pretty decent job in my trade [...] for not upselling as much as the other techs. I was still salty about it a few months later, and I knew where my manager lived so I tossed a cup full of drywall screws down his driveway. I drove past the next day and his truck was sitting on two flats and he was combing his driveway with a magnet."

Iconically cold.

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"Waitressed for the summer in NYC. Owner was an overbearing prick who treated his employees horribly. [...] one girl asked weeks in advance for a particular weekend off (her friend was getting married out of state). Her last shift before that weekend, owner cancels her request. [...] I only had a few weeks left before my new job was going to start, so I march into his office and demand he let her have the weekend off or I'll quit that moment. He fires us both on the spot. Went home, called up a former waitress who for some reason had an affair with this asshole a year or so earlier. Got a bunch of polaroids she still had [of] him in various stages of undress. Not a pretty sight. Mailed them to his wife."

The cherry on top.

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"I got a new job where I am respected by my boss and co-workers and I get paid about 3 times more than before. That's all. The best revenge is to succeed at life."