New Photo From Mars Shows What Some Believe Is An Entranceway

Daniel Mitchell-Benoit
The photo from Mars' surface, which shows a rockface with a peculiar rectangular indent in it.

NASA recently released a new photo from Mars' surface via the Curiosity rover, showing what many online are believing to be some sort of entrance to a cave or tunnel, one that looks a little too good to be natural.

Sporting almost perfect right angels and a rectangular shape similar to our human doors, alien enthusiasts are taking this as a solid piece of evidence that extraterrestrial beings live on that distant red planet.

Alien believers and Mars truthers rejoice!

The photo from Mars' surface, which shows a rockface with a peculiar rectangular indent in it.

NASA's Curiosity Mars rover took a new photo on May 7 that has people across the web perplexed.

As seen above, it shows a divet in a rockface that looks suspiciously like the start of a hallway, almost perfectly rectangular in shape as if man-made.

Or alien-made, if reactions are anything to go by.

Not only are hardcore believers in extraterrestrial life taking this as suggestion, if not evidence, that alien beings do live on Mars, but some even claim that a silhouette of an alien can be seen in the 'doorway' if you zoom in enough.

There are some very credible people looking into this as well.

Author and investigative journalist Annie Jacobsen shared the image with the caption, "This image taken 5.7.22 by NASA on Mars + news of House hearings on UFOs are sure to spawn a few new theories."

Wait, House hearings on UFOs?

A blurry photo showing dark trees against a green sky, as well as a silhouette of a UFO flying by.
Unsplash | Albert Antony

That's right, an open House subcommittee is set to host its first public hearing about UFOs in over 50 years on May 17, potentially discussing some military encounters with UAPs, or unidentified aerial phenomena.

The event will be livestreamed on YouTube for those interested.

Back to the photo at hand.

A photo of rover Curiosity on Mars' surface.

Does this image provide hard evidence that there are residents upon Mars? Probably not. Right angles, while not extremely common in nature, can absolutely occur on their own. This dip in the cliff face could have been caused by erosion or another weather phenomenon that happened long before we humans ever started exploring the planet.

Or it could be aliens.

I'm certainly not an expert, nor do I think we're alone in the universe, so who am I to judge? It is worth remembering that finds like this have been debunked before, like last year when everyone thought there was a hut on the moon and it turned out to be a rock.

It's healthy to approach this sort of thing with some skepticism.

A photo of a small 'mountain' on the surface of Mars.

While dreaming about life on other planets can definitely be fantastical, let's not take every weird thing we see as fact or evidence.

Aliens could very well be out there, but whether or not they're carving perfectly rectangular tunnels into Mars' various cliffs remains to be seen.

h/t: IFLScience