People Share The Jobs They Just Don't Have Any Respect For

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Some people have trust funds. Others are independently wealthy.

The rest of us, though, need to work to live. Now, we're not out here to knock any jobs...but that said, maybe we can mock just a few jobs, as a treat. Surely, there must be a few that are deserving?

Are there professions you have exactly zero respect for? Redditors have a few ideas.


Capitol Dome
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"They're supposed to vote on laws that benefit their constituents. Instead, we just get a bunch of greedy people who will screw over their voting base just to line their pockets."


"And for some reason WE KEEP VOTING FOR them."


Energy company CEOs

A power plant
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"I live in a country where we have rolling blackouts multiple days a week at this point and the fat cats at the top always take a bonus, despite the gross mismanagement of the only energy company that supplies our country with power."


Managers who haven't worked lower-level positions

A coffee shop
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"I'd specify further and say managers who haven't worked lower level positions and don't listen to those who have. While not common, it is technically possible to do some schooling, enter a workplace as a manager, and recognize that schooling didn't teach you everything you need to know."


Medical debt collectors

'Until debt tear us apart' graffiti
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"If they weren't such scummy, mean, abusive, liars, I would have been more than happy to work with them, and would have had more respect for them when I had pretty hefty medical debt.

The abuse they dish out doesn't help them. And they do have a choice of jobs."



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"I used to know a guy who scalped video game consoles He would buy a ton of them on sale then resell the to people and higher than regular price. He was also an NFT bro. I hated that guy."


Free speech auditors

Typing on a laptop
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"I live in China, we have a very petty iron fist on Internet speech control, most social media companies have to hire [expletive] tons of people to monitor, audit, delete, and ban all kinds of things we say, videos we post. Nowadays they've become so sensitive that they pretty much delete and ban everything. So yeah, those 'auditors' kind of job is the lowest of scumbag jobs."


Private insurance CEOs

Man wearing a suit
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"I work in an office administering free health care for people who live in my part of Canada. Also, I'd be up to my neck in debt without it. I feel like private insurance with things like pre-existing conditions and a ton of other ways to weasel out of paying for care while continuing to take your money might be what you're talking about though."


Life coaches

Life coach gif
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"As a licensed psychotherapist, I’ve seen some life coaches who pretend to basically be therapists

There is literally no required certification

Everyone in this thread right now in the US could call themselves life coaches right now."



A workstation
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"It really depends on who they're targeting. My dad is a telemarketer that sells exclusively to businesses. I've listened in on a few calls in the past and whoever picks up is usually happy to talk to someone that's trying to be entertaining, since they're being paid to sit around and take calls anyway. Telemarketers that call individual people who are enjoying their personal time are quite annoying, though. There's a big difference."



A hunter
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"Especially big game poachers who purposefully hunt nearly extinct animals from species they know they are on the brink.

I know there are poachers that come from rural villages who are trying to just put food on the table, which has my sympathy but poachers who come from money and hunt down animals minding their business in most shelters or restricted areas just to put a head on their wall as a trophy are absolutely heinous."


Timeshare sellers

Timeshare gif
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"I used to be a Recruiter and interviewed for a recruiting position with a timeshare company. Their CHRO was the biggest scumbag I’ve ever met. After meeting him, I had no intentions of ever working for the company so I never followed up after the interview and ultimately got rejected for not sending a thank you letter lol."


Corporate lobbyists

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"I sat next to a lobbyist on a plane once. he told me he was previously a congressman, and I told him what I thought about his job. we didn't talk much after that."


"They’re the reason for sooooooooo many [messed] up policies in America."


Psychic mediums

Psychic reader neon sign
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"I've always found it interesting how many magicians go after people like this. I think it's because they know what it takes to trick people for the art. The slight of hand and mentalism. And they abhor people who use these tactics for such [terrible] purposes."



Televangelist gif

"Creflo Dollar, Joel Osteen, Pat Robertson, [insert mega pastor here]… complete scumbags preying on people’s faith while enriching themselves and doing [nothing] for the needy."


"For a while now I've been trying to write a comic book about televangelists. In the process I kind of want to show some of the methods they use get people to give them money. Many of these guys use almost the exact same methods that a lot of psychics use."


E-transfer scammers

Headphones on a stand
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"Where I live, tax info was leaked and now scammers are targeting low income individuals/families (people earning under 30,000 per year) with etransfer scams. I got one the other day that was an etransfer warning that $240 'a family member sent me' was about to expire."


MLM managers

The Office pyramid scheme gif
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"Not the low level idiots that get suckered into it, they suck too for trying to bring new people into that, but the people who create them know exactly what they are doing and are pretty much the only ones who profit off of it. Should be illegal. Pyramid schemes are illegal. None of them ever get the just desserts except occasionally by vigilantes I assume."


Debt collector

Pay debt note
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"There are debt collectors who call relatives of the deceased to pay off their debts when they are not legally obligated to."


"I had one call me to try to get me to pay off my deceased friend/roommate's bills, after a good few seconds of being stunned and surprised I just burst out laughing, said 'Yeah good luck on that one,' and hung up."



Unsplash | Zeg Young

"I met Jack Gleeson (King Joffrey from Game of Thrones) at a bus stop in Dublin.

Really nice guy but he said he quit acting due to people being [jerks] online and constant hounding from paparrazi.

He's happier now but it sucks that he was pushed away from a career he was quite good at."


Real estate agent

A realtor
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"It attracts the worst kind of people. The worst trait of theirs, and there are many, is that they honestly think they're killing it in a cut throat industry, climbing the corporate ladder in a dog eat dog world.

Houses sell themselves. You're a middle man taking a cut doing a job that exists simply because of the red tape that no one can navigate. You literally open doors for a living."



An influencer taking a selfie
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"I understand it's entertaining but it seems to me that they create an idealized version of life that is fake, and unobtainable for most people. They prop up a lifestyle that most can't afford, and it's all because you clicked on their profile and interacted with them on some level that they get paid to have fun or do makeup, or whatever. I view them as a commercial, or advert."