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Woman Lists Rules For Her Future Wedding Online: 'No Boring People'

I'm getting married this summer, so I definitely have weddings on the brain right now, ha, ha. But I'm pretty relaxed about any type of wedding rules. I mean, I wouldn't want anybody to wear a white dress to outshine me, but other than that, I'm pretty easygoing.

However, I was quite shocked to learn that a woman who's not even getting married already has a bunch of rules she recently shared with people on TikTok. You have to check this out.

Kennedy Marks is a content creator who frequently posts on TikTok.

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And apparently, she's been planning her wedding day since she was, like, 8-years-old. So even though she's not currently engaged to her boyfriend, she thought she could share some dos and don'ts for her wedding day. Okay, then, lol.

Some of her so-called rules may be a little controversial.

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So let's collectively look at these. Shall we? Here's the list for your viewing pleasure. Kennedy also took the time to go over every one of these rules. And I bet you're a little curious, no?

I'm going to list a few of her interesting comments.

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One controversial rule she has is no children unless she approves them. I can kind of understand that. I had that conversation with my fiancé as I was concerned about children getting bored at a restaurant, but he veto'ed me down on that one, ha, ha. It's not like I don't want children at all, I just feel like the parents will have a better time if they don't have to babysit them all night.

Here's another interesting one.

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Kennedy says that unless you're in a serious relationship, you don't get a plus one. She's not prepared to pay for a plate if she doesn't think the plus one is there to stick around. That one might raise some eyebrows. What do you think?

She also doesn't want 'boring' people at her wedding, ha, ha.

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I totally get that, but what if that so-called boring person is in your or your fiancé's family? Then what are you supposed to do? I can think of at least one person who always complains about everything and sadly I have to invite that person to our wedding. Ugh!

I honestly thought people would rip her apart for this list.

But surprisingly, everybody seemed to agree with her on her list of rules. Most people commented that it's her day and she can have it any way she wants. It makes sense, no?

After all, she's dreamed of this special day since she was a little girl.

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So she does have some say in what happens on one of the most important days of her life, no? I tend to agree with that one myself.

She also went on to explain other rules.

For example, she doesn't want anybody to steal the spotlight from her and her husband's first dance. She said that if anybody tries to dance during their special moment, they will be dragged off the dance floor, lol.

Oh my goodness.

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So what's your take on having wedding guest rules? Are you all for them, or will you just put up with anything? Honestly, I wish I could do this. I just don't know how everyone else would react to it, hee-hee. But I agree with most of the stuff she talked about here. It's your day, and people need to respect that. Am I right?