Twitter Slams Prince Charles For Discussing Rising Cost Of Living From Golden Throne

Daniel Mitchell-Benoit
Prince Charles giving his speech.
twitter | @BloombergUK

Replacing his mother, who was unable to attend her yearly governmental speech for the first time in over half a century, Prince Charles addressed the people of England and explained what the legislative focuses are for this year.

Twitter was quick to point out a point of irony that came from his statements, and subsequentially dragged him and everyone involved through the mud for it.

Queen Elizabeth II missed her annual speech for the first time in 60 years.

The Queen smiling.
Getty | Stefan Wermuth

She is reportedly suffering from 'episodic mobility issues', ones that made her unable to attend her speech at the House of Lords this year.

In her stead was her son, Prince Charles, who announced the government's legislative agenda for the upcoming year.

One of their major focuses seems to be on the rising prices of, well, everything.

Prince Charles giving his speech.
twitter | @BloombergUK

"Her Majesty’s Government’s priority is to grow and strengthen the economy and help ease the cost of living for families," he said, "Her Majesty’s Government will level up opportunity in all parts of the country and support more people into work."

That sure is a worthy goal, and one that will help many British citizens should it actually happen.

Prince Charles giving his speech.
twitter | @BloombergUK

However, people online were quick to notice something ironic about the whole ordeal.

As seen above, Prince Charles gave this speech acknowledging the economic suffering of the people from a golden throne, in a golden room, while adorned in what is certain to be an extremely expensive outfit.

Many found the contrast to be both hilarious and grim.

"The man is really talking about a cost of living crisis that will push millions into poverty while sitting on a golden throne," someone else wrote, mimicking the sheer awe that users across the web were feeling while watching this video.

People couldn't believe that no one saw issues with this before airing.

This user continued their thoughts in the reply, writing a fake, contemplative thought that anyone involved could have reasonably had, "'what's a good background for my big cost-of-living speech. oh i know. the gold-and-gemstone room'".

Both the replies and the quote-retweets to the initial video were filled with similar sentiments.

Including this one, which suggested that maybe a fancy chair isn't actually needed to deliver a speech like this. I certainly reckon that speech could be made in any chair, from any room.

This isn't a moment the internet is about to let them off the hook for.

If anything, it's just making people realize there are a lot of unnecessary, archaic practices that serve no place in a modern government.

After all, as many pointed out, they sure could 'help ease the cost-of-living' for quite a few families if they sold off that chair and all those jewels.

h/t: LADBible