Kristin Cavallari Allows 6-Year-Old Daughter To Get Her Ears Pierced

Danielle Broadway
Kristin Cavallari in a red shirt outside.
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For many, wearing earrings can be a fun way to accessorize. However, the pain of getting ear piercings is the price that they must pay for so many stylish possibilities. While some parents opt out of having their little ones get their ears pierces due to the pain, Laguna Beach alumni, Kristin Cavallari, decided that her 6-year-old daughter was ready to get her ears pierced. Fortunately, things for her so called "little champ," went smoothly — which meant sharing a mirror selfie of the two of them on her temporary Instagram story. This is basically the cutest story ever, and we have the deets.

Cavallari doesn't show her daughter's face on social media.

Cavallari doesn't post pictures showing her children's faces. However, she does show the back of their little heads and share them on Instagram with the sweetest captions imaginable. This one is in honor of her daughter, Saylor James's, sixth birthday celebration. She refers to James as, "The sweetest little girl who is strong willed, independent, kind, loving and always wanting to help others."

Saylor got earrings for her birthday.

star hoop earrings
Unsplash | Daihana Monares

While it's unclear if it was Cavallari or Saylor's idea to add earrings to the birthday mix, there was only one way to make that dream possible — getting Saylor's ears pierced.

She chose simple, yet elegant triangle studs.

Saylor James with stud earring in her ear
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While some people go big when it comes to earrings, Saylor decided to keep things simple. After all, at only 6-years-old, it may be a nice to ease into her earring wearing journey. It'll likely to be a time she'll remember for the rest of her life, including the pokes in her earlobes.

Cavallari took a sweet mirror selfie with Saylor.

Kristin Cavallari and Saylor James taking a selfie by a closet
instagramStories | @kristincavallari

Cavallari announced to her IG followers that it was going to be a "girl day" for her girl, but didn't immediately explain why. Soon, she shared the fashionable news. While some may think six is young for ear piercings, it's actually common for infants as young as 2-years-old to get their ears pierced.

This is hardly the boldest thing Saylor has done.

Saylor has lived an edgier life than many other 6-year-olds. When she's not getting her ears pierced for the first time, this little one may be found on a skiing trip with the fam. Sometimes people underestimate just how bold kids can be, but it looks like Saylor isn't afraid of new, exciting experiences.

Cavallari has a few ear piercings herself.

Cavallari isn't shy when it comes to getting her own ears pierced, posting pictures with at least three earrings in her ears. Perhaps, it's an indicator that Saylor will follow in her mom's footsteps.

It looks like Saylor's ear piercings were approved by her dad, too.

While they're no longer together, Cavallari co-parents with ex, Jay Cutler. It would seem that Cutler had no objections to their daughter getting her ears pierced. Despite the breakup, the two maintain a mutual respect and dedication to raising their three children together.

Earrings can help us express creativity.

woman wearing earrings
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For many cultures and fashion movements, earrings have held great meaning. They can help us be creative and explore different designs to pair with outfits. Especially at a young age, they can allow children to discover their own sense of style and identity.

We're excited to see what other firsts await Saylor.

Life often has a lot in store and it will be great to see what Saylor tries next. With so many firsts to experience, especially when you're only 6-years-old, we're thrilled to see what Cavallari posts about her little one next.

Let us know what you think of Cavallari letting her 6-year-old daughter get her ears pierced in the comments and if you got your ears pierced at a young age or later in life.