Disney World's 50th Anniversary Eats Are Reason Enough To Book A Ticket To Orlando Right Now

Taylor Sakellis
disney world
Unsplash | Kitera Dent

I am a food-motivated person. To be fair, who isn't? There are a few things that make me want to pack up my bags like the promise of some delicious eats, and Walt Disney World is always understanding that assignment. From counter service stations at Magic Kingdom to sit-down restaurants at Disney Springs, there are endless options for those visiting the most magical place on Earth and now, they're turning it up a notch with their exclusive anniversary offerings!

I was invited to experience Disney World's 50th Anniversary Celebration and was given an exclusive look at all the sips and bites the parks have to offer!

Every Disney World park guest has their favorite signature snack.

disney world characters eating
Giphy | Mickey Mouse

I'm a turkey leg gal through and through. My best friend is a Dole Whip fan, and my sister? She can't visit without snacking on as many Mickey pretzels as she can.

Disney World knows just how much their food impacts our visits and now, they're bringing out some of their most delicious and unique offerings for their 50th Anniversary Celebration.

disney world mickey-themed cupcakes
Unsplash | Perry Merrity II

Trust me — once you see these pictures you will be booking your flight to Orlando ASAP.

First up is the most gorgeous pasta dish I've ever seen. The appropriately titled When Will My Life Begin pasta features egg-yolk noodles that were inspired by Rapunzel's hair in "Tangled."

Disney World 50th Anniversary Pasta
Diply | Diply

Adorned with edible flowers, pine nut pesto, and braised chicken, this dish is perfect for any fairytale fans. Also, notice it's served in a frying pan? The Disney culinary team didn't miss a beat!

Find this dreamy pasta at Cinderella's Royal Table.

If you're looking for a more portable meal, look no further than the 50th Celebration Hot Dog.

Disney 50th Anniversary Hotdog
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This festive all-beef frank has been given a makeover. Forget ketchup or mustard — this dog is adorned with strawberry bacon jam, funnel cake pieces, and powdered sugar.

Find this uniquely delicious dish at Casey's Corner.

With these savory options, it's time to bring you something both refreshing and sweet.

Disney 50th Anniversary Milkshake
Diply | Diply

Disney World knows everyone loves a milkshake and the I Cannot Tell A Lie shake may be their best yet. With delicious, tangy cherries and a brown sugar graham cracker rim, I cannot deny that this I Cannot Tell A Lie Shake is just perfect.

Find this lovely libation at Liberty Tree Tavern.

Now before we move on, I know what you're thinking — is that a SALAD hiding in the background?

britney spears looking sad
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Yes, but I promise you this is the most delicious, fresh, and colorful salad you've ever eaten and will actually make you just as happy as chili cheese fries would.

Well hello, gorgeous!

Disney World 50th Anniversary Salad
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If we have any Country Bear Jamboree fans, this one is for you! The Sun Bonnet Trio Salad was inspired by the trio of girl bear singers and their colorful bonnets. With edible flowers and a tart strawberry vinaigrette, this whole salad will make you want to get up and shake a tail feather!

Find this delicious dish at Pecos Bill Tall Tale Inn & Cafe.

Now, it's time for my favorite. If you always have a hard time picking between a burger and a sausage at the summer BBQ, I have the perfect meal for you!

Disney 50th Anniversary Burger
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The Wild Toad Burger is a fun take on a classic that really lives up to its name. With a succulent brat burger topped with the classic fixings, a pickle tongue and olive eyes, this toad-ally awesome snack will be sure to have your kiddos laughing — and snacking!

Find this brat burger at Friar's Nook.

Now, let's wrap this list up with something sweet. Disney World's churros are iconic, so it was a fabulous idea to give them a little 50th Celebration makeover.

Disney 50th Anniversary Churros
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This cinnamon and strawberry sugar-rolled churro is adorned with marshmallow cream and the cutest Mickey celebration sprinkles. Served with a side of chocolate hazelnut sauce, this might be the best snack in the whole park — but hey, you'll just have to try them all and see for yourself!

Find these sweet treats at the Frontierland Churro Wagon.

To find a full, delicious rundown of all of Disney World's exclusive 50th-anniversary offerings, please visit Disney World's official website.