Woman Praises Respectful Man At Gym Who Averted His Eyes During Her Workout

Mason Joseph Zimmer
man at gym looking away during woman's workout
TikTok | @audeliajeanine

Whenever we hear a viral story come from a gym, the people involved usually aren't telling it for a particularly happy reason.

While it's true that wholesome moments can happen there as much as anywhere else, the situations we often hear about tend to involve either people not-too-subtly ogling their fellow-gym-goers or getting overly judgmental about their technique.

In each of these stories, we can see that one of the worst things about going to the gym involves sharing that space with people who refuse to mind their own business.

So it likely came as a refreshing change of pace for one woman who noticed the lengths a man went to in order to do just that while she was working out. And she wanted to show her appreciation for his behavior.

On May 3, a woman named Audelia Jeanine uploaded a video to TikTok that briefly showed her working out at a gym.

woman standing in front of man grabbing weights at gym
TikTok | @audeliajeanine

As we can see from this caption, she was planning to start her set at the same time that this man was, but he courteously let her go first.

And while she was busy doing squats while holding this weight on her shoulders at the time, she clearly noticed something while reviewing the footage that made the man her favorite type of "gym guy."

woman with weight on her shoulders doing squats at gym while man looks away
TikTok | @audeliajeanine

By that that, Jeanine meant that she appreciated the way he made a point of looking away from her as she worked out so she didn't feel uncomfortable.

And as we can see in this caption, this was especially appreciated seeing as she felt a little self-conscious about how effectively her sports bra was doing its job.

man at gym looking away during woman's workout
TikTok | @audeliajeanine

And just to clarify things, Jeanine made an additional comment saying, "I don’t mind ppl glancing. it’s natural. I sneak glances at other girls at the gym lolol it just gets uncomfy when they stare for a while!"

Based on the comments, her viewers clearly found the man's consideration endearing as well and joked about what he must have been thinking at the time.

As one user put it, "These lights looking extra lighty today." In the words of another, "And now to analyze the structural bracing of this building."

Others also pointed out that it was pretty odd for the gym's layout to have these stations facing each other as that all but guaranteed some awkward moments between fitness fans.

This guy clearly found a way around that problem, though.