People Share Their Finest, Most Delicious Moments Of Revenge

Ashley Hunte
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When you feel like you've faced an injustice, whether it's as simple as an inconvenience or as extreme as abuse or bullying, you're probably going to want those who wronged you to face some kind of consequences.

While taking matters into your own hand isn't always the smartest idea, sometimes there's nothing better than some good old fashioned revenge. I'm sure among those who agree are the people on Reddit who answered the following: "What was your finest moment of revenge?"

"I ground up laxatives and tainted all my kitchen fridge food with it to figure out which of my seven room mates was eating all my food, while I survived off a secret stash in my mini-fridge."

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"I found out who did it. Very, very quickly."

Better think twice before you start stealing people's food.

"When I was 12 years old, a kid beat me up at a birthday party for reasons unknown."

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"[Four] years later, the kid is a pitcher (and a very good one at that) for his school in the playoffs. I was playing for the other team."

"After going 0-3 to start the game, I hit a walk-off home run off of him to advance to the next round."

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"Kid actually started crying on the mound. I don't think I've ever had a bigger smile than I did in that moment. Still have the ball in my apartment at college."

He probably didn't even realize it was karma.

"When I was in the seventh grade I sat behind a jerk who hated me and enjoyed being annoying."

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"Every single goddamn day he would lean back in his chair and hit the front of my desk, over and ever again. If I was trying to write something, he would do it even harder."

"So one day I decided enough was enough, and in the middle of a lesson he started again."

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"So I waited, and right as he was leaning his chair back fast, trying to knock my desk hard, I pulled it back. Without my desk behind him his chair tipped right over and he hit the ground hard."

"I can still clearly remember him whispering 'you [expletive]' beneath the laughter of the whole class and the teacher yelling at him to get up."

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"The look on his face was a mixture of shock, embarrassment and pure rage as he looked up at me from the floor."

Didn't his mother teach him not to lean on his chair?

"When I was 11 years old, I was bullied by a 12 year old boy. He would steal things from my lunch every day."

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"I got sick of it and decided to do something about it. One day, I brought a super hot pepper in my lunch and pretended to be really excited about it."

"Sure enough, the boy comes over, snatches it from my hand and pops it in his mouth."

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"He practically exploded in pain. Writhing around the floor, unable to handle the heat."

I'm not gonna lie, it sounds like the bully got off easy.

"I calmly looked at him and told him that drinking a nice glass of cold water would help immensely."

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"He did so. This promptly magnified the pain 100x. He never stole food from me again.

"I regret nothing."

An icon.

"So my grandfather was driving and an obviously drunk man threw a rock and shattered his windshield."

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"My grandfather talked to him and told him 'If you give me your real number, I'll only have you pay for half of the windshield or we can figure something out'. The guy turned out to give him a fake number."

Sounds like a great guy.

"A year later, my grandfather picks up a guy from Park & Ride (carpooling), he happens to be the man that shattered his windshield."

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Because of course it was.

"They're driving on the freeway and the guy doesn't recognize him."

"He's being rude and talking on his phone."

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"My grandpa asks to see his phone and throws it out the window. The guy freaks out and my grandpa goes 'Remember me?' He then made him get out of the car."

I laughed, and I don't feel bad about it at all.

"Driving to drop someone off my radar detector went off. Saw a cop sitting in a parking lot."

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"Dropped off my friend and headed back. The whole way some ass is tailgating me. Speed limits 40, I'm doing 45 and he's so close I can't see his head lights."

"We come up to a traffic circle and he tries to pass me on the right. I sped up and he kept trying."

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"We hit about 80-90 with him on the shoulder. Come up to the crest of a hill and I know the cop is right on the other side."

"I hit the brakes and he flew up over the hill, had to be doing 90 in a 40."

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"I even stopped to let the cop out of the parking lot. MOST. SATISFYING. THING. EVER."

I hate it when people are jerks on the road and this honestly made me laugh out loud.

"I was out snow-blowing the driveway one day. Some dude who is a friend of my sister walks up to me and throws a snowball at me."

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"He then gave that look like 'What are you gonna do about it man?' and laughed, putting his hands up as if to go 'ohhhhhhh!!'"

"Dude? Do you not see this large snow-moving device I am pushing around?"

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"Only took several seconds to completely coat him in snow, and the look of defeat on his face was glorious!"

Why this guy went up against someone with a snow blower is beyond me.

"I'm a professor. Many years ago, I had a small cluster of students in one course that I strongly suspected were cheating..."

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"Scattered evidence suggested that they had knowledge of my test content ahead of time. I don't let my students keep their test copies, and I re-write my tests every semester, so this was puzzling."

"I determined that the most likely way they were cheating was during the photocopying process, so I set out to test that possibility first."

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"When the next test in the course was getting close, I left the previous semester's version of the test in the photocopy room as bait."

"I then rewrote the new version of the test, keeping page 1 the same to avoid raising suspicions on test day..."

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"...but otherwise completely revising the questions. I made the new copies on another department's copier the morning of the test."

"Sure enough, when I graded the test I found that my cheaters all had perfect scores on the page 1 questions, but then bombed all subsequent questions to varying degrees."

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"They all went from As on the first two tests to Ds and Fs on the test in question."

"Those patterns alone probably wouldn't be enough evidence for an airtight academic integrity charge..."

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"...but one of them gave up the whole group and the plan when I called her in to confront her with the test copies."

"Turns out they had access to my department's copy room from a former student worker and would routinely pop in and steal exams in the to-be-copied pile after hours."

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"In the end, it caused a big disciplinary fuss in the administration with "F" grades, multiple suspensions, and one expulsion..."

And that's why cheaters never win.

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