Ex-Husband Lashed Out After Not Receiving An Invite To Bride's Second Wedding

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There are certain expectations you give up when you divorce someone.

Staying friends, for one, going on double dates together, and, oh yeah, being invited to your ex-partner's second wedding!

Unfortunately, one ex-husband missed the memo on that when he lashed out after not receiving an invite to his ex-wife's second wedding. It's fair to say that he won't be sending a wedding gift.

This ex-husband in question took his dilemma to Reddit's "Am I The Asshole" community.

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There, he explained that he had been with his partner for seven years and that they have two children together.

It was only a few months after their divorce that their ex found love with someone else.

Despite this, he has maintained a "great relationship’ with her family and is even still invited to family gatherings.

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“I can tell my ex is not too happy about it but she sucks it up for the sake of the kids and her family," he shared.

Scott Disick, is that you?

A similar dilemma has been featured on Hulu's The Kardashians, with Scott feeling left out of the family now that his ex, Kourtney, is engaged to Travis Barker. Scott, nor their children, were invited to the proposal celebration.

But back to the Redditor's story.

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They shared that his ex-wife is now getting married to her partner. They've been wedding planning for some time, but when they sent out invitations, he wasn't included. "Our daughters were but I wasn't.”

This caused him to lash out at the bride's family.

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“I contacted her family, mainly her sisters and her mom and I expressed how upset I am that I'm excluded from the wedding and I'm even more upset that they didn't do something about it,” he wrote.

"They say that it's not up to them and it's the couple's decision," the Redditor continued on.

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He added, "they wish they had me there but they don't want to piss my ex-wife off by going against her wishes."

His ex was furious with him for complaining to her family.

“Later my ex called me and scolded me for calling her family to complain and asked me why I feel entitled to an invite to her wedding," he wrote.

He explained to her that he still feels like family.

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He also said that it's weird that he's invited to all these family gatherings, but excluded from this one wedding. "I think we can be civil and supportive towards each other.”

He also said that it would be beneficial for their children to see him being supportive.

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Regardless, his ex-wife dubbed him "entitled." And it appears that Redditors agree with her, as they were quick to slam him for lashing out.

"You say yourself that your ex-wife isn’t happy you’re included in her family gatherings."


"Of course you’re not invited to her wedding," one Redditor wrote. "You’re being weird calling her family and complaining about it," they added. Another told him to "suck it up, buttercup."

People were baffled at how he expected to be ***in*** the wedding.

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This would only further confuse the kids, many argued. "Honestly, it would probably be more confusing for your kids to see you there at their mother’s wedding to a different man. And even more so in their wedding. Do you expect to be the Best Man? FFS," a user commented.

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