Man Says We Can Know If Our Date Is Trustworthy By Asking If They Have Allergies

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The dating scene can be very hard to navigate in today's day and age. It's always hard to tell if we can truly trust someone or not.

With the world being so crazy and people trying to pass themselves off as someone they are so not, we always want to make sure someone is trustworthy and worth our time. However, there's never really a surefire way to do so—until now.

There are tons of things we can do to research the person we're seeing.

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With social media being at the forefront of everyone's life, we can do a little background research and "get to know" someone off of their profile and some "light" stalking on their accounts.

However, people fake who they are on social media all of the time.

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We all know that social media is the highlight real of everyone's lives, so what we see online can't always be the full picture. In fact, most of the time, there is a lot omitted from social media on purpose.

Now, one TikTok user claims to have a sure-fire way to know if someone is trustworthy.

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TikTok user Dutch took to his TikTok account to share his trick. Apparently, according to Dutch, all it takes is one simple question to figure out whether or not you can truly trust the person you are dating.

"Do you have allergies?"

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Yes, Dutch claims it's as simple as asking about someone's allergies for you to find out whether or not someone is trustworthy. Dutch says it can really go one of two ways for them to answer: yes, they have allergies, or no, they don't.

However, it's HOW they say no that matters.

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Dutch claims when someone says they don't have allergies, they usually say, "no, not that I know of." It's in the "not that I know of" response that Dutch says they are so not trustworthy.

He even gave an example.

Allergy Test Dating
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Dutch says a coworker of his in college was going out with a guy and she wanted to know whether or not he was trustworthy. So, he told her to use the allergy test to figure it out and she was at first confused like all of us.

Turns out, he said he didn't have allergies.

Allergy Test Dating
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Fast forward to now, he claims that the guy his coworker had dated and did the test on ended up moving to the midwest, having seven wives, and actually runs some crazy religious cult. So, he claims the test is definitely a good thing to try out.

People in the comments had their fair share of feedback.

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One TikTok user said that her ex-boyfriend was the one who said that he didn't have any allergies, but then he had shrimp for dinner. Well, guess what? He went into anaphylactic shock at the table. Yikes.

Another user said she is allergic to something that's unknown.

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Apparently, you can be allergic to undefined things. "My doctor literally told me I have allergies to something unidentifiable so Team “Yes, but not that I know of," shared the TikTok user.

Some people seemed to agree with Dutch.

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Many users said that they don't trust people who don't have seasonal allergies because those people get to breathe freely and happily all Springtime long. Meanwhile, the rest of us suffer and can barely leave the house.

Others said allergies are annoying and a turn-off.

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Some people in the comments said revealing your allergies can also be a "dealbreaker," like, if someone is allergic to dogs and you have a big fluffer at home—how can you continue to date them at that point?

I guess the test can work and backfire!