People Can Revisit Their Childhood By Visiting Barbie's Dreamhouse

Jordan Claes
Lifesize Barbie dreamhouse.
World of Barbie | World of Barbie

Playing with dolls is a right of passage in every little girl's (and boy's) life. Sooner or later, we all come across the blonde-haired bombshell known simply to the world as Barbie.

Recently, it was confirmed by The World of Barbie that a lifesize dreamhouse will be coming to Toronto in the summer of 2022. So for those who have often wondered what it would be like to be a Barbie girl in a Barbie world, now's your chance!

In the long and fascinating history of global toy culture, one name towers above them all.

Barbie doll.
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Tickle-Me-Elmos come and go, and to every Cabbage Patch Doll, there is a season. But through all the comings and goings — Barbie remains.

Barbie made her debut on March 9th, 1959, at the American International Toy Fair in New York City.

Barbie doll in pink shirt on stand.
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Over the course of her 63-year-long career, Barbie has been an astronaut, a surgeon, a CEO, as well as a Presidential candidate.

Equally as renowned as Barbie's impressive resume are her ever-expanding assets and real estate portfolio.

Barbie in 'Toy Story 3'.
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Barbie's car collection is enough to make the likes of Jay Leno weep with envy. She also owns multiple homes, including the Barbie Cottage, Mansion, and the coveted Barbie Dreamhouse.

Recently, it was confirmed that a brand new Barbie Dreamhouse was in the works — the likes of which have never been seen before.

World of Barbie showroom.
World of Barbie | World of Barbie

Thanks to the brilliant minds at The World of Barbie, a lifesize Barbie Dreamhouse will be opening this summer, located somewhere in Toronto, ON.

According to the website, "The World of Barbie is an immersion into the lifestyle of Barbie —the world’s most iconic trendsetter."

Barbie camper van.
World of Barbie | World of Barbie

"Guests can step into her world and interact with a range of fun Barbie activations, which have been carefully curated to inspire the limitless potential in every girl," the post concludes.

As kids young and old make their way through The World of Barbie, they'll begin to notice several remnants from Barbie's past.

Barbie dre3amhouse life size.
World of Barbie | World of Barbie

The backyard is a familiar ode to Barbie's iconic Malibu dreamhouse. You'll be able to soak up some sun or enjoy lawn games with friends.

Once inside, fans will be treated to a heavy helping of '70s nostalgia.

Inside World of Barbie dreamhouse.
World of Barbie | World of Barbie

Much of the decor looks as if it was plucked right from the pages of the Mattel catalog. All of the artwork, as well as the furniture itself, has all been commissioned to appear indistinguishable from the real thing.

While you continue to make your way through Barbie's expansive Dream House, you'll notice remnants from her past lives.

World of Barbie inside.
World of Barbie | World of Barbie

You can throw on a white lab coat and look through the very same microscopes that helped lead Dr. Barbie to some of her greatest discoveries.

There's also a sprawling recording studio that harkens back to Barbie's days spent as a touring musician.

World of Barbie inside.
World of Barbie | World of Barbie

Life in plastic really is fantastic! You can touch, play, and if you're lucky — you might even be able to record a song of your own!

Finally, you'll be able to play like a real-life astronaut in Barbie's Dreamship!

World of Barbie inside.
World of Barbie | World of Barbie

This is ground control to Major Barbie, you've really made the grade! Captain James T. Kirk himself never had such a fashionable-looking bridge in all his years with Star Command.

For those looking to be the first ones through the door, you can sign up now for presale entry.

Aqua singing 'Barbie Girl'.
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The location of The World of Barbie, as well as the cost for admission, have yet to be determined. For more information on when Barbie is moving to the GTA, click here.