Woman Sparks Debate By Saying Her Husband Sleeps In The Guest Room: 'We Both Love Our Separate Rooms'

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For many, it's a bad sign when a married couple sleeps in separate bedrooms. However, it's actually pretty common. Some people don't like their partner's loud snoring, others want a bit more elbow room, and then there are TikTok user Taylor Paul's reasons. She took to TikTok to explain that she gets better sleep when she and her husband sleep in separate bedrooms for a few key reasons. In this case, distance truly seems to make the heart grow fonder and sleep better, here's why.

Taylor Paul is popular on TikTok.

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With 3.3-million followers, Taylor Paul is clearly loved by countless fans on TikTok for her range of content that spans from beauty to relationship topics and much more. She's recently garnered attention for her video about sleeping in a different bedroom than her husband. While viewers have various opinions, Paul says this is the set-up that works best for she and her partner.

Paul explained why she and hubby opt for different bedrooms.

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TikTok | @taylorfrankiepaul

Paul told her followers that it was time for a story, specifically the story of how she and her husband decided their sleeping arrangements. It all began when her husband was disrupting her sleep when getting out of bed to search for a shirt in the guest room in the middle of the night. After he kept doing this, she suggested that he just sleep in the guest room to avoid waking her up when he goes back and forth for room to room. The arrangement actually worked for a few more reasons, considering their different sleep preferences.

Her husband sleep walks and sleep talks.

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Paul explained that it's not just about her husband rummaging for a shirt at night, but also because he sleep walks and sleep talks while she's trying to catch some Z's.

Her husband also prefers the temperature cooler.

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She also said that having their own rooms works because her husband likes the room cold and she prefers it warmer. Sounds like one effective and comfy argument-free solution.

She assured everyone that she has a "healthy marriage".

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Just to clarify, Paul explained that she has a "healthy marriage" and she and her partner are just doing what works best for them — which is "good sleep."

Her solo room is pretty gorgeous.

TikTok | @taylorfrankiepaul

Paul gave audiences a tour of her bedroom to show off how organized and precise it is to her liking. After showing her room, she says "wifey's room for the win." Then, she shows off her husband's bedroom, and it's a completely different story.

Her husband's room is a total mess.

TikTok video with messy room
TikTok | @taylorfrankiepaul

Paul didn't end the tour with her bedroom. She delved into her husband's den and revealed that it's quite the mess. With dirty laundry, water bottles and even teeth whitening molds left all over the place — Paul seems to be making her case.

Some think their set-up is odd.

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For those keen on sharing a bedroom with their significant other, Paul's reasoning is vexing. For a user named georgie, it's unthinkable. She wrote, "I would never be able to!! I sleep better when he is next to me!" Every couple has to choose the sleeping style that works best for them.

Most people agreed with Paul's arrangement

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Some people had funny anecdotes in favor of this option and others expressed that they have a similar bedroom situation with their partner. Overall, the comments seem to be in favor of Paul and her husband's different bedroom situation. It's certainly true that couples have to troubleshoot on what makes for a good night's sleep for them--separate bedrooms and all.

Let us know what you think of Paul's reasoning for sleeping in a different bedroom than her husband in the comments.