Bride Goes Viral After Saying Fiancé's 'Goblin' Child Isn't Welcome At Wedding

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When a couple is planning their wedding, a lot of choices have to be made. From the color scheme to the venue, the couple usually tries to agree on a whole slew of things.

One thing that many couples argue over is whether or not to allow kids to attend their wedding. Some couples feel that kids can "ruin" a good wedding party. However, when the bride or groom already has a child, things can be a bit different.

Many people have children from previous marriages or relationships.

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There are times when a couple is getting married and one party has a child (or children) from a previous marriage or relationship. It's not uncommon for people to get divorced and remarry someone else down the road.

One would assume that the parent would want their child to be a part of their wedding day.

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As marriage is a lifetime commitment and a wedding is a huge celebration and special day in the bride and groom's life, one would automatically think that their children would be included—no matter how young.

However, one bride recently went viral for her take on having her fiancé's daughter attend their wedding.

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The bride, who originally posted her rant on Facebook and later made its way to Reddit, said she was struggling with how to tell her fiancé she doesn't want his 3-year-old daughter at their wedding. She thought by putting no kids on the invite, he'd get the hint.

Clearly, he assumed his daughter would be there.

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Despite this, the bride says that she's marrying him and not his "crotch goblin." She also said that she is his mistake and not the bride's. In addition, she doesn't want his daughter there because she's "needy" and makes everything about her.

Obviously, people were shocked that the bride would speak like this.

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shivermetimbers68 shared the one take that everyone thought—yes, if you are marrying him, then his daughter is your "problem." When you marry someone with kids, those kids are now your kids—half, step, blended, whatever you want to call it—they are now yours.

Someone else said this bride is the biggest narcissist.

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forgetfulperson567 pointed out that there cannot be anything more disturbing and narcissistic than being jealous of a 3-year-old needing attention from their parent. Honestly, how old is this bride anyway?

One woman said this bride is "naive."

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iggypop19 shared that she is a childless woman, but she knows that other people do have kids and you cannot ban kids from everything in life just because you don't have kids. She said this bride is "off her rocker" for thinking this way.

Others shared that they, too, had a "no kid" policy, with an exception.

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"When I married my wife, we had a "no kids" policy as well, wedding food is expensive. My 7yo stepson was there because I'm not just marrying the woman I love but her "crotch goblin" as well," said LickTheToad.

Some understood, slightly.

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TheMarsian said that they're totally okay with someone not wanting to deal with another person's children or not wanting to have them around—but, then you cannot be with someone who has kids. If you're not a kid person, do not marry someone who already has kids.

Many agreed with this.

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MooseWhisperer09 said it perfectly, "If you don't want kids then don't date people with kids. If things get serious there WILL come times when you will be responsible in some way for that child (driving them to school, watching them while your SO runs to work or something, etc), and the kid isn't going anywhere, either."

Overall, the majority of people hoped that the groom "ran away."

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the_eldritch_whore and thousands of other people online were secretly hoping and praying that the groom saw the way she spoke about his daughter and hit the highway—fast. He doesn't need to be with someone who views his child like that and he can do so much better.