'Subjective Guess Who?' Is The New, Better Way To Play The Famous Identity Game

Daniel Mitchell-Benoit
A bunch of board games.
Unsplash | Mireille Raad

It's not strange for people to go back and revisit the games and activities they loved as kids to see if they still stand up. Nostalgia is a hell of a thing though, so more often than not, we realize these things were far more fun when we were younger.

Some people are looking to change that, taking the games they loved and making new rules that totally reinvent how they're played, creating a whole new layer of fun for everyone involved.

A recent TikTok trend has begun to spread.

A table setup with two Guess Who? boards.
TikTok | @kroskxx

And it involves a beloved childhood board game.

Multiple viral videos have gone around showing adults playing a new version of Guess Who? where, instead of asking objective questions like "Is your character blonde?" or "Does your person wear glasses?", the questions are all subjective.

That means players have to make assumptions about their character's personality in order to win.

Two people playing Guess Who?
TikTok | @mrob29

This also means much more creative questions. Multiple videos show people asking things like "Does your person drink black coffee?", "Would your person judge me in a bikini?", and "Would your person be featured in a Scooby Do Mystery?"

People seem to like it way more than the original.

The hastag #SubjectiveGuessWho has over 12 million views on TikTok, with the top video alone having 2.1 million likes.

Viewers are really getting a kick out of the questions people come up with and the hilarity that ensues.

The games don't always result in the right guesses.

But the laughs throughout and the reactions to the reveal are priceless anyway, it's clear that the people playing are having an absolute blast, inspiring others around the world to try it out for themselves.

The trend got so popular that Hasbro Gaming, who owns Guess Who?, took notice.

In a statement to Insider, Hasbro said they were "thrilled" that the game was trending on social media. In response, the company made Instagram and Facebook filters inspired by the movement, where people could snap a photo of themself inside a Guess Who? frame that says "Subjective Guess Who?" on it.

It's been an incredible source of fun for players and watchers alike.

Even observers for in on the action, as the comment sections of these videos are full of debate regarding the players' choices, disagreeing on which remaining characters like craft beer or look like a secretary.

This is a fresh, fun new way to revitalize a game you likely haven't played in years, so why not get judgy and give it a go!