'Karen' Freaks Out At Dairy Queen Employee Over Closing Time

Daniel Mitchell-Benoit
The woman yelling at the customers.
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We've all spent a few extra minutes waiting in a drive-thru line before. Maybe it's extra busy, the restaurant is short-staffed, or we asked for something that takes a little longer to make. Hopefully, we all handle it well and don't explode at the first employee we see, right?

Well, one woman did just that. After waiting in a drive-thru line at Dairy Queen for 10 minutes only to learn that the store had just closed, she stormed in and took it out on the workers.

Our video begins right in the thick of it.

The woman speaking to the employee.
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Another patron has begun filming the woman shouting at the Dairy Queen cashier after being told she couldn't place an order because they were closing. We can hear the employee apologize to her multiple times, but she has no time for apologies, she wants her ice cream and she wants it now.

When he tries to say he's sorry again, she replies with, "No you're not."

The employee staring at the woman.
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This leaves him a little stunned, just blinking at her as she continues her tirade and reveals that she's mad due to the 10 minutes she spent waiting in the restaurant's drive-thru with no service as, once again, they had closed. She says no one told her.

This is where our camera-woman and her friend pipe up.

The woman facing the customers.
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“I’m about to call her a Karen,” one of them says. The other agrees, "Me too. She's being a [expletive] Karen."

Then they intervene directly. "You need to chill out," is the suggestion provided from behind the camera. The woman immediately turns around to respond with, "You can [expletive] off."

“Everyone here thinks you need to chill out. [...] Go to another restaurant."

The woman yelling at the customers.
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It's here where the woman turns her full ire onto the customers criticizing her. She points at them and, when someone says the employee had informed everyone of the store closing, escalates to screaming.

She then tries to get the employees to help by asking them to stop other customers from speaking to her.

Someone off-camera says, "No I’m standing up for the employees that can’t [expletive] you out like I can."

The woman yelling at the customers.
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This comes after numerous employees also try to gently tell the woman to calm down.

It deteriorates from here. Numerous cuts in the video show jumps in conversation from her accusing the other customers of being a Karen, to her saying she doesn't care if she's 'harassing employees', and to her being told that it is, in fact, legal for her to be filmed.

The end of the video shows the police now in the building.

The woman at the counter with the police to the side.
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She's much calmer after that, to which someone remarks, "Now she's sucking up."

Most of the comments on the Reddit post containing the video (language warning) are shocked at her behavior and how trivial the matter was all together. Her reaction was ridiculous, and these poor employees do not get paid enough to put up with what she unleashed.

Kudos to the bystanders who actually stood up for the workers!

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