Bride Can't Help But Laugh Over Her Badly Photoshopped Wedding Proofs

Kasia Mikolajczak
wedding photographer taking a photo of the couple
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One of the most important keepsakes you have after your wedding are the photos. It's so crucial to pick the right photographer for the job, no? After all, you can never re-do your wedding day. Am I right?

However, this one bride was left in stitches after she received her wedding picture proofs. Something seemed quite "off" about them, and once you find out what happened, I think you'll have a good laugh, too.

A Pennsylvania bride, Anaya Ramos-Bridgeford, recently posted on Facebook.

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She was excited to share her wedding photos with everyone. But when she got the proofs back she noticed something strange. You'll never believe what actually happened to her gorgeous photos.

She was shocked to see that many of the pictures had people with wonky eyes.

woman with wonky photoshopped eyes
Facebook | Anaya Ramos-Bridgeford

How did that happen, you ask? Well, as it turns out, her photographer used an external company to photoshop anyone's eyes who happened to blink.

I mean, what?

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That's all and dandy, but the pictures made the people look "crazy-eyed". That's what the bride thought when she saw them. Initially, she was upset about this, as you could understand. But later, she couldn't help but laugh.

So she had to share this experience on Facebook, alright.

Facebook post screenshot
Facebook | Anaya Ramos-Bridgeford

Once she posted the pictures, people started commenting in droves. Most of them didn't even know photoshopping people's eyes was a thing, ha, ha. I had no idea about this either.

I sure hope that my photographer doesn't think this is a good idea.

Facebook comments
Facebook | Anaya Ramos-Bridgeford

Anaya wanted to share her story on Facebook to make people laugh, and she sure accomplished that. Most people commented that they were in hysterics after they saw the pictures.

Some people couldn't believe that this company thought the pictures looked good.

Facebook comments
Facebook | Anaya Ramos-Bridgeford

I don't know about you, but it seems to me like they just hired a bunch of teenagers to do this. I'm even confused why the photographer used them in the first place.

Even the wedding couple didn't escape this 'crazy-eyed' treatment.

badly photoshopped wedding pictures
Facebook | Anaya Ramos-Bridgeford

There are multiple photos of the couple with photoshopped eyes that make them look like they had one too many, if you know what I mean, lol. I honestly would have been like, "WTF?"

So what happens next?

man shaking head in disbelief
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Well, apparently, the photographer is contacting the company to get his money back for the shoddy job they did. And what about the couple? I guess they will have to settle for the original unedited pictures. They can't be worse than this. Am I right?

Oh my goodness!

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Unsplash | Jamie Brown

Have you ever heard of anything like that? I mean, that's why you hire a professional. The photographer should have plenty of snaps to choose from where the couple and their guests have eyes wide open. So I'm not even sure why he resorted to using this company in the first place. That's the craziest story I've heard.