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Dry Brushing Before Showering Is The New Expert-Approved Internet Trend

There are tons of beauty trends and hacks that pop up on the internet every single day. We are all always looking for new and simple ways to feel better about our hair, nails, skin, and overall appearance.

Fortunately, apps like TikTok and Instagram are filled with tons of people who have tried the hacks first and share their stories with us. Recently, one trend that has taken off is "dry brushing."

Dry brushing sounds like brushing your hair or your teeth.

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As our hair and our teeth are the two things we brush, we assume that's what people are talking about. As it turns out, dry brushing has nothing to do with either and has to do with your skin.

All across TikTok, people are talking about dry brushing.

With over 41.7 million views on the #drybrushing hashtag on the app, people are sharing videos and tutorials on how and why they dry brush their skin every day before taking a shower.

According to the videos, dry brushing has a lot of health benefits.

Dry brushing is using a stiff brush to actually brush your skin before you get into a shower or moisturize. The act is one that dates back centuries and apparently has health benefits—like helping blood circulation and skin aging.

Dr. Mamina Turegano, MD, a triple board-certified Dermatologist, Internist, and Dermatopathologist shared a video online discussing the technique.

Dry Brushing
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Dr. Turegano shares that her 72-year-old mother has been dry brushing for decades and that it's an ancient and cultural practice, such as in Chinese culture and medicine.

The benefits are outstanding.

Dry Brushing
TikTok | TikTok l dr.mamina

Dry brushing is great for exfoliation, and increasing circulation, and also it can "energize" the body, according to her video. She also showcases how her mom does it every morning before she showers and what technique she uses.

Her mother says she does it "2-3 minutes every day."

First, you have to be totally naked and take off all of your clothes. Then, you need to take the brush and dry brush your body towards your heart. You start on the left side and work your way up and around.

Apparently, many other models and influencers dry brush as well.

Other videos shared on the TikTok app showcase that many other models and influencers use this technique on their own skin. Some say that it also can help with cellulite and body fat, in addition to helping with circulation.

The best part is experts say that it is beneficial.

Dry Brushing

New York Times bestselling author Katie Silcox spoke to BuzzFeed about dry brushing and said that it has been historically used for years.

"Historically speaking, dry brushing has been a part of beautification and health rituals in a variety of cultures for thousands of years," she shared.

As well, the benefits and methods are scientifically proven.

Dry Brushing
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"Our lymphatics flow in a particular direction — always toward the heart and groin (key filtration sites). Therefore, we want to use downward strokes from the head, arms, and neck into the chest region. And long, upward strokes from the feet, legs, and belly into the heart and groin area," Silcox told BuzzFeed.

You do want to be careful not to do it "too much."

Dry Brushing

"It's best to dry brush once a day, particularly in the springtime. However, you can overdo it. Although dry brushing is usually great for everyone, if you have naturally dry skin — and/or it's in the middle of the winter — don’t do it more than once a day," she told BuzzFeed

Overall, it's a great way to get your skin looking right!

Dry brushing
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If you're someone with poor circulation or "strawberry bumps" on your legs, dry brushing may be something you want to try out. All you need to do is grab a bristled brush and get going. Thanks, TikTok!