Target checkout area as seen from upstairs two-way mirror
TikTok | @santi._s

Target Worker Shows Off Secret Room Where They Can Watch Customers Unseen

After you work somewhere for long enough, you may find that you'll even surprise yourself with the inside information you've picked up after clocking in and out each day.

But of course, this information doesn't always just involve useful tips to help your friends get what they want, but also some real dirt that our bosses have kept under wraps for a reason. And even if these little secrets aren't so unsavory or illegal, they can still change how customers will look at a place they pass by every day.

One recent example has likely made some customers careful about what they say at a drive-thru order box because the workers can hear more than you might think.

But if that wasn't enough to make you feel paranoid, a Target employee has now revealed that something similar could be going on in their stores as far as any shoppers know.

On May 3, a Target employee who goes by Santi uploaded a video to TikTok showing off the mirrors that can sometimes be spotted near the ceilings in certain stores.

Target checkout area with mirrors lining the ceiling
TikTok | @santi._s

And since you can't exactly see yourself in them, it's hard not to wonder why they're there when they catch your attention.

Well, Santi hinted towards the answer with an intriguing statement: "If you see mirrors like this in a Target, they are watching you."

And to demonstrate how that could be, Santi then took their viewers through a door that only employees know the code for and into the store's back offices.

hallways and trash can at back offices at Target
TikTok | @santi._s

And while this place looks fairly standard if you just find yourself in the hallways, their claim started to make sense when they actually took us into one of these rooms.

And that's because they revealed that the windows in these offices are actually two-way mirrors that provide a clear view of the checkout area.

And when Santi said, "They really do be watching us from above" in their description, it was hard for some users not to feel self-conscious.

As one user put it, "So I’m not crazy. I’m always feeling like someone dead staring at me not scanning my items.”

Others figured that the mirrors were either put in place to catch shoplifters or to monitor employees who forgot they were there.

However, while these two-way mirrors certainly provide the opportunity to do these things, others were skeptical at the idea that anyone actually bothers watching people through them.

As another person said, "Those are manager offices and there’s hardly anyone in them during store hours."

So from these people's perspectives, the ironic reason for installing them is actually to protect the privacy of the people working in those offices.

Still, we never really know when somebody could be watching us since the potential is always there.