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New Footage Shows Kim Kardashian Struggling To Zip Up Marilyn Monroe's Dress

Since most of us have never walked a red carpet, we don't know how much work goes into creating those flawless styles worn by celebrities. The truth is an entire team of stylists, makeup artists, and hair designers work for hours to get a single celebrity ready. This is especially the case when the celebrity in question happens to be wearing one of the most valuable dresses in the world.

New footage released shows Kim Kardashian getting ready to wear Marilyn Monroe's famous "Happy Birthday" dress and as we'll find out, the process didn't go quite as smoothly as Kim would have hoped.

By now, most people know Kim Kardashian's Met Gala look dominated headlines.

The reality TV star showed up for the annual gala's Gilded Glamour theme celebrating the history of American fashion wearing one of the most iconic and expensive dresses ever created.

The dress was famously worn by Marilyn Monroe when she sang "Happy Birthday" to President Kennedy.

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Kim received special permission from the current owner of the dress, Ripley's Believe It Or Not, to borrow it for the occasion. However, Kim only wore the dress for a few minutes on the red carpet before changing into a replica due to the dress' fragile condition.

The dress also couldn't be altered in any way.

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That meant in order for Kim to wear the dress, it needed to fit her perfectly. At first, Kim tried on a replica dress which did fit, but when it came to trying on the real thing, things didn't go as smoothly.

Newly released behind-the-scenes footage shows the reality of attempting to get Kim into Marilyn's dress.

Kim Kardashian
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A team of Ripley's assistants struggled getting the dress to fit over Kim's curvy backside in the video. Previously, Kim claimed she lost 16 lbs. over the course of three weeks with a strict diet and exercise regime to fit into the dress.

Ultimately, the dress was tied in the back while the zipper was left undone.

Kim Kardashian
youtube | Ripley's Believe It Or Not

Kim opted for a fur cover to conceal the gap where the dress was left open. Besides that small hurdle, the dress fit her elsewhere and she was relieved to see the dress (mostly) fit.

Kim completed her homage to Marilyn by dyeing her hair blonde.

Kim Kardashian
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Kim's look was easily one of the most talked about and reignited discussion in Marilyn Monroe and her contributions to American fashion. Days after the gala, people seem as interested in the history of the dress as they are with Kim's final look.

Kim tweeted that she was "honored" to wear the dress to the gala.

The dress has not been worn by anyone else since Marilyn wore it in 1962 during her "Happy Birthday" performance at Madison Square Garden.

Online, some people called Kim's look a "milestone".

It's safe to say that channeling Marilyn Monroe might become one of the most memorable styles for Kim and in the history of the Met Gala.

People applauded Kim for pulling the style off and staying true to the gala's theme.

News about Kim wearing Marilyn's dress instantly went viral. While some were undecided over whether wearing Marilyn's real dress was disrespectful or not, many agreed that it was one of the most memorable moments of the 2022 Met Gala.