People Share The Things Men Do That They Think Will Attract Women But Don't

Woman and man looking at each other
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Most of us, if we're not paired up already, are looking for someone to eventually spend our lives with.

Sometimes it's tough to get noticed and find that special someone. For those who are into women, what are some surefire ways to not be attractive? The r/AskReddit thread, "What is something men think will attract women, but in reality it wouldn't?" provides some great food for thought.

A little goes a long way.

Bottles of perfume
Unsplash | Birgith Roosipuu

"Cologne worn improperly. As in sprayed on for a bit of nice scent, not like you drowned in it. And when you come near, drowning others in it too."


"Got my first bottle of Cool Water in 8th grade and wore it to school. My English teacher complimented me so I tossed some more on at lunch time. Later that day she passed by, took a big whiff and said 'are you just constantly putting that stuff on???'"


Don't give up.

Man wearing a plaid shirt
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"In my experience, wearing overalls and plaid and walking around barefoot doesn't work. Oh sure, you would think that women would swoon about all my convenient pockets. It seems like they should be attracted to the sensibility of denim overalls and red plaid, especially when combined with my shoeless freedom and forest hobo lifestyle."


What's wrong with the other girls?

"Please don't do that" gif
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"When they say 'You’re not like other girls...'"

"For sure - they don’t realize what they’re saying & I think often times they mean you make them feel different which doesn’t happen with other girls, aka they have feelings for you but the wording is so off."


It worked, but that's probably a one-off.

Finger in gun position
Unsplash | Johannes W

"I don't know why I did it, but I used to randomly poke the girl I liked in the forehead. I thought I was crushing the elusive game of seduction, but to this day she claims it was 0% effective.

We've been together for 6 years."


Don't want a second date? Start talking about your ex.

Toby Flenderson gif
Giphy | The Office

"How crazy his ex was... This goes both ways don't even talk to me about an ex I assure you I don't want or care to know."


"I think that's a teenager thing. I used to do that too and I guess I thought she would take it as a compliment? Because she's better than that one? I didn't think much back then."


Do you like ultra-violence?

Angry man in hoodie
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"Cringe-terrifying is a bad look. It is not an effective pickup line to tell a woman that you barely restrain yourself from killing everyone in sight, because women are already low-key worried that every strange man trying to chat them up is going to kill them."


Did catcalling ever work?

Simpsons catcalling gif

"I was thinking about this the other day when a man honked at me from the street. Somewhere, at some point this must have been an effective strategy, right? Like would they all just choose to fail in such an offensive way? How could that be coincidence? Or is just the brief moment of attention, (even if I’m giving the finger) considered a win?"


I feel like I'm being lied to.

A row of folding chairs
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"Carrying 12 foldable chairs after youth group."


"As a lady who was once in youth group can confirm, but WOW did it attract the attention of the other males! It was so funny they’d start trying to one up each other and completely forget about the girls lol."


Long story short: don't be a stalker.

'Every Breath You Take' gif

"Being overprotective.

There is a fine line between being protective over your so/family/etc. and being creepy, dare I say borderline stalking."


"I've had so many friends from school be involved with overprotective guys. I live on the other side of the country and they think I'm trying to get with them just to hangout and catch up. I'm embarrassed for them, but also don't know how the relationships seem to last."


You think you're playing chess, but you're just playing Candyland.

"Chick magnet" gif from Workaholics
Giphy | Workaholics

"Talking about how many women throw themselves at you."


"I came across a guy friends profile on Online Dating and he had a picture of him with a woman giving him a kiss on the cheek. I told him to take it off cause girls don’t like that. He said 'No, they do. It creates competition.' And it’s like… exactly. Women don’t want that."


C'mon, you're not a wolf.

"I'm the alpha male, everyone" gif
Giphy | Australian Survivor

"Calling yourself an alpha male."


"I'm a dude and also work in IT, one time a dude self-proclaimed himself the alpha male. Needless to say he got roasted. We still don't know to this day if his ego ever healed. He was also told to come back when he's in at least beta testing."


Can't believe that one didn't work.

Pouring soy sauce from a bottle
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"When I was a kid I thought my crush would fall for me if I showed her something truly cool -- how I could drink a glass of soy sauce without flinching.

She didn't."


"I’m split between impressed and horrified right now."


Be you.

"Just be you" gif
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"Pretending to be something you are not.

The only thing you'll attract is people who are doing the exact same thing."


"Yup, this was me. I thought it wasn’t manly to like certain things and would pretend to have other interests but I learned later on in life that you just need be yourself and find people that like you for your true self."


Don't be super loud.

Woman and man looking at each other
Unsplash | Tibor Pápai

"I was solo traveling a few months ago and having dinner at this cute restaurant. A young guy walks in with his date and sits on the other side of the place.

The entire date, I could hear practically every word he was saying over the din of a full room. I could hear him better than the couple next to me. I also got like at least 60% of his life story."


That's what's called toxic masculinity.

"Come on, tough guy!" WWE gif
Giphy | WWE

"Bragging about fights, how tough they are, how they reacted in a situation that really just makes them look like an asshole. Ok so someone was a bit rude to you in public, you reacting like they killed your dog doesn't make you attractive."


Well, if you're trying to attract guys...

A Corvette
Unsplash | Gian Gomez

"Sports cars. I had the new Corvette when they released the Stingray in 2014. The amount of guys that would say things like 'you must get so [many women] in this thing' was way too common. I would tell them I’ve never had a girl throw themselves at me over my car, and if they did it wouldn’t be the type ... I would be interested in if they were that shallow. I did, however, have random men talking to me every single day about it or asking me to rev my engine at a red light."


It could really go either way.

Lego city
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"I showed a girl all my Legos and she just left. Her loss. I just got a Mos Eisley Cantina."


"This is not a universal. I, for one, would be delighted to see a new Lego construction. It's simply a sign of good taste!"


Hey, big spender.

Man fanning out bills
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"I was a cashier at a little general store years ago. Some guy came in to buy maybe $7 worth of snacks, and he pulled out a gigantic roll of $20 bills. He made sure I saw them cuz he flipped through them for a bit and winked at me. Never forgot that interaction because of how incredibly uninterested I was in this stupid man walking around with huge wads of cash to impress...cashiers?"


We got a Casanova over here.

"Really impressed" gif
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"I met a guy who bragged about sleeping with 30+ women and that he 'knows what women want.' It was the most UNATTRACTIVE statement I’ve ever heard."


"If school taught me anything it’s that some people can do something 30 times and still suck at it."


Looking for a motorcycle mama?

Man on a Harley
Unsplash | Jorgen Hendriksen

"Do not get a motorcycle to pick up women. There have been women who wanted to ride on the back of my bike, but that was well after establishing interest.

Do you know who you pick up when you have a motorcycle? Other dudes with a bike and middle to late aged dudes with 'wives who won't let them get one.'"