'Toddlers and Tiaras' Star Kailia Posey Dead At 16

Daniel Mitchell-Benoit
Kailia Posey standing on a staircase in a red outfit.
instagram | @kailiaposey

A tragic death has shocked the internet as a former star of a rather infamous TLC reality show was announced dead at just 16 years old, tragically young in both the eyes of her loved ones and the world.

Her impact on the internet is larger than some people may realize at first, her child-self having provided many laughs to many people across the world without them even knowing.

A star of one of TLC's most famed reality shows has passed away.

Kailia Posey, now 16, was featured on Toddlers and Tiaras when she was only five years old.

Her mother, Marcy Posey Gatterman, confirmed the death on Facebook this past Monday. Just hours before the announcement, Gatterman had posted that she was a "proud mother" as Posey was set to graduate with honors.

Gatterman posted a photo of Posey in her prom dress.

"I don’t have words or any thoughts. A beautiful baby girl is gone. Please give us privacy as we mourn the loss of Kailia. My baby forever," the post read.

Looking at Gatterman's page, it appears that Posey went to her prom just last week.

If you think you've never seen Posey before, you probably have.

Kailia Posey on toddlers and tiaras.

Despite only appearing in one episode of the show, this particular shot of her sporting a silly grin from one of Toddlers and Tiaras talking head segments went viral, becoming a popular reaction image across the internet.

Posey seems to have remained in the pageant world throughout her life.

A look at her Instagram reveals a few posts regarding her recent participation in Miss Washington teen USA this past February. She was second runner up, and she also won a special award for being particularly photogenic.

She had also recently started a new project.

She launched a second Instagram account called @kailiacontortion where she planned to showcase videos of her gymnastic feats. The account only has two videos, one where she fires a bow and arrow with her feet, and another where she performs a long, complex handstand.

Both accounts have been flooded with comments.

People are sharing their shock and condolences underneath her photos, with her most recent post sporting almost 1000 comments as of writing, all filled with love for her family.

"Forever my pageant inspiration," writes one comment.

"Thank you for being someone to look up to Kailia. Rest in peace," says another.

Even fellow child reality stars are reaching out.

Kadan Bart Rockett, known for making it to the semi-finals of America's Got Talent with his magic act, left a touching comment on Posey's account.

"Can’t even believe this has happened. I’m praying for you guys to get through this. She always was so kind to all of us. Rest In Peace."

The cause of death has not been revealed.

However, there are coinciding online reports that suggest she may have been involved in a car accident.

We wish nothing but peace and healing to Kailia's family. Rest in peace.